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The Flavilicious Mission is to help women be the best version of themselves through nutrition and exercise. My hope is that you fall in love with your body by adopting healthy habits and fuelling your body with wholesome foods.
Flavilicious Cooking

Flavilicious Cooking

Over 150 Fat Burning Recipes!



Gain solid, sexy muscle!



Get ready to shred fat!



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All-Belly Pregnancy

All-Belly Pregnancy

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I'm pretty happy with the results, I respect the program even though we had the holidays in between and that's huge! Can't wait for the next challenge.

Gabriela NeirottiReached her goal!

It's great to be back on track and heading in the right direction. For the first time in my life I've started to settle into the idea of gradual transformation in the name of sustainability. Lori is such a great motivator!

Kelly KlausGot her body back on track!

The greatest benefit of all is not only a new body and great feeling of finished work, but those habits formed along the way. Thank you for your support and all what you do in this world :)

Michaela ErlebachovaLost 12lbs!

Thanks for the challenge! I had a hard time being consistent with diet, but this challenge was another good step in learning what I need to do to make more significant changes. The process continues! :)

Alynn VienotTaking steps in the right direction!

My physique has changed a lot. I now have defined back, ab, and leg muscles. I'm so proud of all my accomplishments and I cannot wait to be pool side rocking my new body.

Kimberly Lynn DentRocking her new body!

Using Flavilicious I've proved my strength and abilities as a person. The prospects of becoming a Personal trainer are now more than doable. You have given me back my mojo!

Melissa MorrisonGot her mojo back!

The program was fantastic and was ideal for a full time working, and nursing, busy mum of two young kids. It was a lifestyle change rather than just a diet. Thank you for your time!

Christine HoranIt was a lifestyle change rather than just a diet.

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