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The Reason You Can’t Lose Weight

By April 9, 2012 17 Comments


The Reason You Can’t Lose Weight


We are facing a HUGE epidemic in our society. Obesity is prevalent in adults and now even in adolescence. As a pediatric nurse I know first hand how many newly diagnosed Juvenile Diabetes there are each year and the numbers are only increasing.

SUGAR  – This 5 letter word is the cause of many cancers and diseases and is the reason YOU CAN’T LOSE WEIGHT



————————-       Kick the sugar, kick the weight        —–———————-


I was cheering while watching this video…..FINALLY WE GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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What did you think of this video? I was hooked on the all the science and bad talk about sugar…OH YA, talk dirty about sugar, come on!


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  • Traci says:

    Thanks Flav,

    Congrats on the move & the new improved office. Love reading ur blog and doing your exercise regimes.

    thankyou so much for this link on sugar being a killer, i hope people start to realise and stop feeding my daughter treats to make her happy when they are actually killing her, though im also at fault sometimes im adjusting..

    I have also purchased the dessert angel recipes and baking atm.

    thanks again 😛

  • Lindsey says:

    Sugar is also responsible for premature ageing of the skin! I think the first step for people would be to examine lables of things they already have in their cupboards to check for hidden sugars such as those found in ketchup and processed food. Bin them.

  • Lindsey says:

    Oh and people say to use stevia. I am from the UK so I have to import this from the US. I have to say, it’s disgusting. A green powder that tastes almost bitter and grassy. I sweeten with honey or blended raisins when baking or use protein powder with stevia in it (somehow tastes sweet and nice then!) I have tried the liquid form of stevia as well as the powder and have followed the recipes in dessert angels exactly and things just don’t taste good with it in it, so a bit of protein powder and honey or dates/raisins, I find, does the trick and hits the spot better.

  • Terrie says:

    Thank you for sharing. I have known for quite some time how bad sugar is, but hearing it out loud was helpful. I threw away a mint I had in my pocket. Thank you! ;0)

  • Katie says:

    Sugar is awful but then they put out commercials saying sugar/high fructose corn syrup is ok in moderation….it’s in everything we eat besides natural sugar in fruits and vegetables. I am contemplating taking this completely out of my diet but it is a struggle so thanks for the resources and as always your amazing inspiration!

  • Angela says:

    Great article and video. Just before I watched this video, I was watching our local news where they talked about the 33% obesity rate in this area. I don’t think that I really understood how the foods that I was consuming really effected my body until I started doing the research during my weight loss journey. I used to think that buying something because the label said “low fat” or “fat free” meant that I was making the right choice. Not until I actually did my own research on sites like muscleandfitnesshers.com, fitnessrxmag.com, bodybuilding.com, etc. did I realize that many of those foods that claim to be “low fat” and “fat free” actually have more sugar. So here I was, trying to do the right thing by consuming less fat and fewer calories, not realizing that I was spiking my insulin levels in the process. I think that it’s great to bring an awareness to how sugar effects the body and the ability to manage weight but as with any other epidemic, it’s going to be up to people what they do with the information. My fear is that there will be minimal changes in the obesity, diabetes, and heart disease rates because of a lack of will-power.

  • Chalice says:

    Great CBS video! This is a complex topic for general public to understand. The body also breaks down carbs into sugars so this needs accounting for as well. Cutting out all fructose and added sugars is a start!

    Good luck with your move! I am also moving tomorrow with my two kids so I feel your pain. Keeping it positive and have hired some professionals!! Now just need to get stuff in boxes.

    Best of Luck to you!

  • Elaina says:

    Hi Flavia, I also watched this 60 Minute’s as well as making my whole family watch and even went the extra step to record it so I could show my husband and whoever else says im crazy that im NOT! What was dissapointing to me is that this was presented as “Ground Breaking News” and in reality it has been just as bad for you 50 years ago as it is now. hopefully this will be a turning point.

    • Flavia says:

      Nice job. I emailed it out to all my family who stuggles with eating sugar. It is dissapointing that we are talking about it now…they have to see the horrible effects on millions of people before it really sinks in.

  • Jill says:

    Do you have any tips for sugar cravings or kicking a sugar addiction?

  • nora says:

    how can i get rid of the cravings for sugar? its a big issue

    • Anna G says:

      Read Flavia’s comment above.
      After going without sugar for a while you will get to where you don’t crave it anymore. Don’t keep any in the house, if it’s not there you won’t eat it. Every time before you’re about to eat sugar ask yourself “will this help or hurt me” Then choose to eat some protein and veggies instead 🙂 Make sure you keep a regular meal cadence of every 2 – 4 hours so your not hungry and tempted to eat sugar.

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