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Flexible Friday – Chest and Shoulder Stretch

By July 6, 2012 7 Comments



Stand with your feet together. Interweave your fingers behind your back, and rest them on your tailbone. With your chest lifted, arms straight, and shoulders down, lift your clasped hands back out away from your body. Try not to rolling your shoulders forward.

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Any particular muscle group you would like some stretches on? Post them below.

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  • Anna G says:

    Thanks, Flavia!! This is exactly the muscle group I was wanting to stretch 🙂 My shoulders are one of my tightest areas so any other stretches you have for that area would be great!

  • Debbies21 says:

    The traps in my right side are very tight from carrying my purse which I just weighed and it is a staggering 8 lbs with just the bare necessities not fully loaded. So I need some stretches to work the shoulder blade and my neck

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