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Workout Wednesday – Full-Body Circuit Workout Video

By January 8, 2013 33 Comments

Happy Workout Wednesday!

Ready to burn some calories? Awesome because that is what this video will help you do. Get PUMPED UP!

Squat with Lateral Leg Raise   x15/side

Resistance Band Lateral Step   x12/side

Chin-Up   xfailure

Bosu Ball Push-Up   x12

Mountain Climbers   x30sec

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  • rj says:

    Congradulations on the upcoming baby!


  • Lillie says:

    Lol I was thinking the same thing while watching the video. She has more body fat then usual. If so congratulations on your pregnancy Flavia!

  • Lori/Souper17 says:

    Awesome circuit, Flavia. Your home gym looks amazing, mine is MUCH smaller but it’s slowly growing. My mom got me the BOSU ball for a Christmas gift. It’s a great tool to use it to progress and challenge yourself with many of the exercises in your program. I especially love it to work my core and as you demonstrated for push-ups!

    Love the theme days…looking forward to more!

  • rj says:

    It was the dying the hair her normal colour (you cant colour pregnant), wearing a long top (when do we ever not see her awesome abs) and she has slightly bigger breasts and a glow.
    Hope i’m right, she would be the sweetest most amazing Mum/Mom and Vince a lovely Dad

    • Sharon says:

      If Flavia isn’t pregnant, common like these could be hurtful. It’s nice that you’d be excited for her. But better to keep those thoughts to yourself than to inadvertently trigger a body image issue.

  • JCross says:

    I think Flavia looks much as I do now, just holding a few extra lbs from the Holidays and being ill for most of December and not hitting it in the gym as regular or as hard. It would be unhealthy, nor do I believe we can, look ripped at all times. If she is with child, I believe it is a personal between her and Vince until that time she is ready to announce it. Not putting anyone down, just don’t think we should jump to conclusions and put Flavia on the hot seat.
    I did this circuit this morning as my warm-up then the Curvalicious Tummy Tightner! I feel Amazing!!
    I own most all of Vince and Flavia’s programs and have followed for about 4 years or so. Never disappointed with anything! Thank you BOTH!!

  • Joanne says:

    Thanks for continually posing some great information and workouts for your followers!! I always pick up new ideas from you and Vince.

  • emily says:

    Hello Hello! What if you cannot do a chin up? BEST! Emily

    • Anna says:

      Hi Emily,
      Use eccentric training, this is the best way to build up strength in your back to be able to do your first chin up. Use a bench, friend, whatever and get into the fully contracted position of the movement (your chin is over the bar) then hold yourself up there for as long as possible. Once you can get a 30 second negative you should be able to do 1 full pull up. Make sure your shoulders are down and back and your holding yourselve up with your back, not your arms.

      You can also just use the assist or a chair to help you complete the prescribed reps.

  • Chelsea says:

    This looks intense! Just what I like! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  • michele b. says:

    Thank you for the workout! I am currently doing FBL; is there a good day of the program to swap for this workout when I feel like changing it up a bit?
    Thanks again!

  • fya says:

    Hi Flavia, could you do a full body bodyweight circuit or using minimal equipment like resistance band? I travel often & am looking for a quick but effective workout that I can do in a hotel room.


  • toni says:

    Looks like great fun. I’m doing it tonight. What’s the rest period between sets, Flavia?

  • Christine says:

    Hi Flavia, I just purchased your. Full bodylicious program, but Im also interested in your musclicious program. I read comments from other people how they love it, but I dont know where I can purchase it, or download it. Can you help?

    • Flavia says:

      Hey Christine. Muscicious is not sold alone. It is offered for purchase with the purchase of Curvalicious. It may be sold separately in the future.

  • Merona says:

    It takes true conviction and confidence to show the world the real you and not an airbrushed image or dehydrated fitness meat, I mean model. She expresses the truth, something this world and the fitness industry needs more of. She is gorgeous on and off season.

  • dana says:

    Just purchased Flavilicious and it looks awesome so far. Flavia you are really an inspiration! I am unable to do any push ups, burpees, chin-ups, etc. due to an extensive/permanent wrist injury. Can you offer some alternatives for these exercises? Thank you and I am excited about starting the Flavilicious workout!

    • Anna says:

      Hi Dana,
      Anything that gets your heart rate up for burpees, such as jump squats.
      Pushups – incorporate a flat bench chest press
      Chin-ups – wide grip lat pulldown or resistance rope pull-over.
      All the best!
      – Anna, CPT, FF Specialist

  • Violeta says:

    I was doing FBodylicious and after Curvalicious. I took some weight during Christmas and I will like to make a challenge to my workouts
    My english is not so good and sometimes is difficult for me to understand if there is no writting tittles
    I can’t understand the end of the video when Flavia explains what we have to do every single day…monday, tuesday…
    Somebody can write to me please?
    Thanks for your help
    Best regards from France

    • Flavia says:

      I was taking about the themes on the blog. Monday is motivation Monday, Tuesday is Fitness Tip Tuesday, Wednesday is Workout Wednesday, Thursday is Tasty Thursday and Firday is Flexibility Fridays. Thanks for watching!

  • Rose says:

    Hi flavia,

    Where can I found the most recent full body circuit videos. Also how many are there?


    • Anna says:

      Hi Rose,
      you can purchase Full Body Licious here: http://www.fullbodyliciousworkout.com There are 5 different workout videos. The program was originally released 3 years ago but the workouts are still very current and will provide you with fantastic results!! 🙂
      All the best,
      Anna, CPT, FF Specialist

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