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Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday – You Don’t Drown by Falling into Water

By January 28, 2013 12 Comments

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  • emily says:

    perfect! thanks!

  • Yvonne says:

    I have a question that kind of pertains to this motivator…….I’ve been doing Curvalicious and I’ve also done Sue Heintz’s 10 Day Little Black Dress workout…..am I supposed to feel and look bulky? I follow the Beyond Diet eating plan, so I know I’m eating healthy and for my proper metabolism type, but I still feel bulky and not seeing a lot of toning. Is this some sort of transformation I’m going through??

    I appreciate any help or advice.

    Thank you


    • Anna says:

      Hi Yvonne,
      Sounds like you have gained muscle (which is great!) but haven’t lost the fat yet. Keep at it and you will get there. 🙂 Doing the recommended cardio sessions in Curvalicious (along with weight training) will help get the fat off and reveal toned muscles.
      All the best!
      Anna, CPT, FF Specialist

      • Yvonne says:

        Thank you for your reply, Anna. I really appreciate it. I’ll keep at it and hopefully will begin seeing the results I’m wanting. NEVER GIVE UP! 🙂

        • Anna says:

          Your welcome Yvonne! Absolutely right, The habit of perserverence is the habit of victory.
          All the best!
          Anna, CPT, FF Specialist

  • awad says:

    Yes, people tend to get stuck in a given situation. But there’r always open possibilities that they dont see.

  • Susan says:

    Thank you. I needed this inspiration today. I seem to have reached a lul in my wellness routine and I am on a downward spiral. I have worked hard and for some reason am going backwards with my progress. It’s really depressing, but I know I can change it. I appreciate your posts!

  • Wendy says:

    Hi Flavia, I recently set a goal to get in shape. I want to loose about 25 pounds. I have been following up your website. I’m very exited to see and achieve changes. However, I can’t afford a gym membership and I only have a few weights at home. I know I need weight to gain muscle so what weights would be sufficient for good results. Please help me ,I don’t have a lot of resources.I don’t want the lack of equipment and resources to be a barrier… Thanks a lot.

    • Anna says:

      Hi Wendy,
      You’ll want some light ones like 3’s and 5’s so you will be able to properly perform the shoulder exercises. Some 10 and 15 or 20 lb dumbbells would be great so you have something to work up to on leg, chest, back,and bicep exercises.
      Start out with some 5’s, 10’s, and 15’s. As you get started with the program and get a feel for the exercises you will know whether you need a few heavier dumbbells or a few in the middle. Resistance Bands are also great!
      All the best!
      Anna, CPT, FF Specialist

  • motivate anything necessary can not be abandoned

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