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Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday- Determined Women

By February 4, 2013 7 Comments

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  • LB says:

    I have stage 3 adrenal fatigue and just don’t have the stamina I use to. I find that when I over do my work outs it sets me back days sometimes weeks. Any suggestions on the type of work out I should be doing to lose weight?

    • Susan says:

      Please go see a chiropractor that also does keniseology (sp?). It is slow going but you can be helped if you stick with it.

    • Natcha Maithai says:

      Do lower volume weight lifting if you will lift weights. Perhaps see a naturopath. It’s better to walk and do yoga, change your lifestyle choices until you recover from adrenal fatique.

  • Judy says:

    I keep all these posters – they motivate me. Thank you Flavia.

  • When I work out my ladies I always remind them that they are ‘strong, confident and very capable ladies’. It’s a mantra that sticks!

  • Catherine says:

    I used to say ” No one ever got buff working out like a girl.” (I think I may have got that from you Flavia) but, now I think I should change it to today’s post. Love it! It’s so positive (and true)! Thanks for keeping us motivated!

  • Jennifer says:

    Thanks Flavia!

    I always look forward to Motivation Mondays because the quotes are always positive and stick with me throughout the day!

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