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Flavilicious Cooking & Recipe Guide

By December 2, 2013 10 Comments

header I originally released this around Christmas, but I want you to get it when ever you want!! This is a great guide to help you know what the best foods are to lose weight and build muscle. It will also help you stay lean, if you are happy with where you are at.  Check it out: 

==> Done For You Skinnylicious Meal Plans and Save 80%!


==> Done For You Skinnylicious Meal Plans and Save 80%!

“Done For You” Meal Plan package includes:

  • 12-weeks of personally designed DONE-FOR-YOU Meal Plans15 extra fat-torching Recipes;
  • 10 body-cleansing Detox & Greens Drinks and
  • 10 energy-boosting Smoothies

The FULL-BODY-LICIOUS “Done For You” Skinnylicious Meal Plans Includes:

 Component #1: 84-days of Done-For-You Meal Plans – Since what you eat and when you eat is paramount in determining whether you shrink your belly and get a sexy body, or stay the same, the meal plans were hand-designed to accelerate your results. These are not some generic, computer-generated meal plans that you can find anywhere else.Nor were these meal plans borrowed from any other author or site. These are 100% unique& include over 50 healthy, satisfying & body-sculpting recipes ranging from 1200 to 2200 calories!They were created specifically for the 12-week FULL-BODY-LICIOUS workouts to make the implementation simple enough for a 5th grader – no guesswork required! Every single meal and every single day is laid out for you, meal by meal.
Component #2: Skinnylicious Recipes – Just like you, I don’t want the natural act of eating to become an algebra equation as you try to calculate your calorie intake, phases, ratios, points, and all the other bizarre mathematical formulas out there!Skinnylicious Recipes includes must-have, done-for-you recipes loaded with the nutritious foods, so you can eat your way to a leaner body; not starving yourself while losing muscle mass.And the greatest part, instead of fighting your food urges, you’ll have over a dozen healthy recipes to satisfy them.
Component #3: Skinnylicious Greens & Detox Drinks – Today we’re exposed to a great variety of toxins from air and foods, to chemicals in carpets, cosmetics, gasoline, toothpaste and more! The list is endless!  In short, toxins cause harmful effects to the body including stalled fat loss, lack of energy, and digestive disorders.Diets in high sugar, alcohol, red meat, artificial sweeteners, commercial drinks, and white sugar leads to an acidic state resulting in arthritis and many other disorders. This amazing manual includes 10 quick and delicious Greens & Detox drinks featuring alkaline-forming ingredients to eliminate toxic overload, reverse acid build up and achieve radiant physical health.
Component #4: Skinnylicious Smoothies – Homemade smoothies are an easy and convenient vehicle for helping you create nutrient dense drinks – compared to the toxic-crammed commercial smoothies, lacking micronutrients and loaded with cheap man-made sweeteners.Bottom line – having a busy life does not mean you should sacrifice your nutrition. These recipes make nutrition much easier. Incorporate these healthy, fat-blasting smoothies for your next last-minute breakfast, afternoon snack or even dessert.Blend it. Drink it. See the difference!

As you can see, the Done-For-You option is your no-brainer solution to save time and effort. Let me do the work for you so you can see instant results. You now know DIET IS EVERYTHING. So grab there here today: ==> Done For You Skinnylicious Meal Plans and Save 80%

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  • Susan Barta says:

    I am going to start tomarrow to train for my first bikini competition.The skinnylicious meals couldn’t reach me at better time.I using your exercise system.Thank you.

  • Petra says:

    I do have the curvalicious mealplan, can you explain the difference between these 2? I am really interested, but still a little doubted as i already have the other program. Thanks!

    • Anna says:

      Hi Petra,
      The meal plans are similar and if you are happy following the Curvalicious meal plans and seeing good results with it then that’s fine to stick to it. The Skinniliicous meal plans include more recipes, detox drinks, and different macronutrient ratios that you could try to see if your body responds better to them. Hope that helps!
      All the best,
      Anna, CPT, FF Specialist

  • Mike says:

    Purchased your Skinnylicious Meal Plan for my 15 yr old but she does not eat any meat or fish. What do I use for substitutes?

  • Hey! I was merely questioning just how this is effective for ones older children. We can visualize it could be great for basic, but some of us wonder what in relation to Jr .. Large and Senior high school (I have one regarding each) Really does she include it within your ex book (The Workbox Guide? ) I have a smaller sized home, 5 young children and one on the way i aren’t picture using much room!

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