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Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday – She Is Fierce

By May 12, 2014 7 Comments

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  • Jen Trudel says:

    Flavia.. LOVE this one.. Me too only being 4 foot 10 inches tall… Lol!! Also have to say since you had beautiful Milla I think you have become even more of a beautiful person (if that is even possible) because you were always so kind to me and there for me when I reached out to u after loosing my Son Noah… I asked for advise and you with your big heart of gold did more for me than u will ever know.. You got me back on track then with my fitness and although I got sick a year ago and my fitness and stuff has stopped at a hault ( but I am praying to start back soon) I now feel being a mom yourself and facing different daily challenges has made you well honestly more real to us moms seeing you have to do what we do everyday…. Makes you more of a role model to me and I am sure to so many other women…. You are so real and absolutely gorgeous on the inside as well as the outside. You are beautiful, you are strong… you are AMAZING and one AMAZING Momma to Milla xo your daughter is so lucky to have you and so is Vince xo… Hope you had the BEST Mother’s Day Ever… All my love &Thanks xoxo. Jen

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  • Cheap Gucci says:

    Set a period constrained with new music. Just like a patent is essentially a fixed monopoly whereby the patent case will be given the distinctive to create, use, and sell the complex invention to get a constrained time frame. As the expression involving safety has finished, the complex invention gets into anyone sector. Audio is not any several then somebody inventing one thing…

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  • Nice to see ‘someone’ will be finally battling the particular RIAA Mafia. I’ve viewed that nasty scenario acquire power years backside, thinking: “surely somebody around knows the big injustice as well as inequality the industry will be perpetrating”; Individual mums; grandpa and grandma who have have a tendency also possess a computer system getting endangered. Last but not least I realize mild all the particular canal, as a result of every one of “you”!! Keep up the excellent job folks. You may have a lot of close friends.

  • Cheap Gucci says:

    My spouse and i uncertainty this is actually the put due to, although… I have a problem with all of our latest copyright laws, and that i assume that just how all of our latest system of govt makes use of lobbying is a cause of this. Our rules tend not to just as safeguard anyone, that they just safeguard the particular hobbies of an prosperous couple of. Exists not really a way to improve just how things are? Just what portion in the people could be mistreated just before real adjust could be moved to occur? Our rules are already contorted and sprained to profit the prosperous few. Example: I’m the area inspector. Our grandkids has worked to do surveys for people to get 4 decades. We are constantly bid extremely competitively occasionally losing profits for getting jobs hoping that individuals could make all of our gains a toronto injury lawyer the particular data to ensure that we’d obtain the be employed by long term surveys in addition to to be able to accomplish all of them quickly by only modernizing exactly what facts most of us currently possessed in file. This same system of lawmaking that is defending the particular RIAA is definitely allowing for it industry yet others that have been gathering replicates of our own surveys for you to spread those to men and women receiving affidavits to get closings applying all of our be employed by their income and eliminating people coming from being profitable for the personal sweat job and do the job. Just what bothers me almost all concerning this is always that, at some point, you will have a lawsuit on a customer survey most of us does ages before, which was employed for the in the future ending next to all of our may plus the process of law may aspect next to people to get a work most of us don’t actually get paid to get. We have prepared a lot of people with govt getting help out with a way and then be given recurring theme replies or no answer in any respect. Romans possessed this considerably better 2200 yrs ago. We think most of us reside in the democracy, although My spouse and i concern it is far from even a republic. Many of us votes to get a group of Republicans or Democrats with govt, and then include all of our rules prepared and reformed to profit the prosperous few, by means of lobbyists funded by means of and addressing the prosperous couple of. That same govt most of us selected as to get sets a decreased top priority within the wishes in the bulk, in the perception that it prosperous few are far more prudent and/or far more worthwhile than the bulk. I’m reluctant all of our govt has grown to be more of a great Aristocracy.

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