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You Are What You Eat... So Don't Be Fast, Cheap, Easy or Fake.

You Are What You Eat…




Motivation Monday is the one day I look forward because it is the beginning of a week. This quote is so true! One rule of thumb I like to stick to is to shop around the outer perimeter of the grocery store where all the food is fresh, not packaged.


Have fun shopping ladies! 😀

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  • rebecca says:

    I have been contacting by email and reading many pages on the website to do with nutrition, nutrition is the one biggy for me as I am a care worker and literally can never stop craving Antifry cooked chips after work. Please help me out here, I already have had Anna give me a lot of good ideas for having snack after breakfast like nuts or fruit but I really have a nasty habit for them chips I mentioned.

    It is frustrating me greatly, the fish n’ chip shop smell in the middle of the village drives me nuts and one my clients has fish and chips on a saturday. These are why I literally get my bad habit craving.

    is there anything I could do to stop it?

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