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I am at it again, training FULL FORCE to burn a lot of calories and better my conditioning. I feel like I haven’t been training “FULL-BODYL-ICIOUS” style for a while.

I am reminded of how much I love the FORCE formula, a females formula for a perfect figure. IF you aren’t familiar with the force formula, you have to see what it is all about on today blog post..

The force formula is all about creating sexy curves while sweating up a STORM, better your conditioning and leaving your body burning calories long after your workout.

I was so dizzy leaving the gym today because I needed food. I got chatting with a girlfriend and had to leave quick to refuel my body – I LOVE THAT!

So what was my workout? Glad you asked because it’s all written down below!


We want to be huffing by the end of this workout. Add heavy weights today and make these moves challenging. Take little rest periods between the exercises, just enough time to get to the next machine.

A1 – Assisted pull up wide grip until failure then switch to chin ups until failure
A2 – Assisted Triceps Dip – failure
A3 – Single-arm Cable Triceps Extension – 8-10/side

4 sets – rest 90 seconds

B1 – Lat Pull down 8-10
B2 – Cable Lateral Raise 8
B3 – Seated Row 8-10
B4 – Rope Face Pull 12

4 sets

C1 – Triceps Dip – failure
C2 – Incline Push up – failure
C3 – DB Lateral Raise – 8-10
C4 – Biceps Curl 10
C5 – Bicycles for Abs 20
C6 – Bench Hops 10/leg

4 sets