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Want a NEW bounce to your BOOTY? Check out this new video.

This is the same style workout you will find inside the NEW 30-Day Challenge, Mommylicious. The official start date is MAY 14th with sign ups happening RIGHT NOW.


This 30-Day challenge requires ZERO equipment. All 14 videos are follow-along workouts that take 10-15 minutes – that’s it! They are very effective for fat loss and will BOOST your fat-bunring metabolism through key exercises and little rest.

Mommylicious comes with a complete 30 Day Meal Plan and RECIPES! No guess work here, you are taken care of every step of the way.

And I will mention there is even a gentle Yoga Stretch video inclusive that will relax and restore your mind and muscles.

Every Sunday you will be given a NEW RITUAL that will mentally prepare you for the coming week and set your mind into Fat-Burning mode. Did you know that weight loss is three fold?


Here’s a look at the Sunday Rituals:

  • Mindful Meditation
  • Practicing Gratitude
  • Practicing Being Present
  • Bettering Your Self Esteem 

No stone is upturned in Mommylicious.

How do I KNOW that it will work for you?

That’s me after having my second c-section with no time, no energy, no motivation. Fast forward to today, still lacking time, energy and motivation (2 small kids will do that to you) but I still am able to KEEP THE WEIGHTOFF.

Don’t hesitate. You have nothing to lose BUT FAT! Official Start Date is MAY 14th – Click below to get all the details.

Still questioning? Click here to check out REAL life stories from ladies just like you!

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  • Sexy butt is the trademark of the sexy body. Exercises like squats, lunges are the main to get such shape and sexy butt. Also, it’s equally important to the proper nutrition so that your body could recover the energy and strength back.

  • For a sexy body, it’s really important to have a proper and routine workout. The knowledge and proper guidance are equally necessary. I am sure this blog will definitely help others as it helped me.

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