Flavilicious Females

Check out these great women who have changed their bodies using my Full-Body-Licious fitness program.


Embrace Your Curves


Culture and fashion have a lot to do with our definitions of beauty and sexiness and they change all of the time. Every decade or so, the popular standards of beauty, … Read more >>>

A Little Pamper Goes A Long Way

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A Little Pampering Goes a Long Way We all need a little pampering now and then. In fact, you should try to make sure you do something nice for you and you alone on a regular … Read more >>>

Creating and Appreciating Your Lean, Sexy Body


In order to truly love your body properly, you need to do two things: make it as strong and healthy as you can and then appreciate it for the wonderful thing that it is, even if … Read more >>>

Enjoying Valentine’s Day without Sabotaging Your Goals


Every woman should be able to fully enjoy Valentine’s Day without having to worry that she’s completely sidelined her fitness and weight loss goals. She also shouldn’t feel … Read more >>>

Flavilicious Female Challenge


Are you ready to kick-off your New Year with a Flavilicous Challenge?! Due to an OVERWHELMING response from our last challenge, Flavilicious team member Lori and I have … Read more >>>

9-Week Challenge Winner

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Congratulations Nichole!!! WOW, you look amazing Nichole and you took 26% of the votes, great job! You are now 10 pounds lighter and $300 richer.   Thank you so much … Read more >>>

The Cellulite Enemy – How to Fight It and Win

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Enemy Cellulite  How to Fight It and Win Of all the body issues that I hear about, one of the most frustrating problems is cellulite. The vast majority of women have to deal … Read more >>>

Hard Copy DVD’s Now Available Due To Popular Demand!


BURN FAT & ADD SEXY CURVES, With The FULL-BODY-LICIOUS Hard Copy DVD Set! Shipped to your front door - anywhere in the … Read more >>>

Six Week Transformation Winners

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Hey everyone! Back in Feburary, I created a mini version of FULL-BODY-LICIOUS. I recruited 95 females who used my exercise and nutrition program for six weeks and the results were … Read more >>>

The Surprising Story Behind Flavilicious Fitness

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The Surprising Story Behind Flavilicious Fitness If you have any specific questions, do your best to keep your questions short and concise and ask me about ONE SPECIFIC … Read more >>>