Workout Wednesday – Outdoor Fullbody workout


  Workout Guidelines:  Single-Leg Bridge Reverse Lunge Walking Lunge Split Squat Side Step Up with Squat Squat with Shoulder Press Single-Leg … Read more >>>

Workout Wednesday – Fit & Toned Women’s HIIT Workout


  Workout Routine: Burpee   10 Reps Box Jump   10 Reps Walking Lunge   10 Reps Jump Squat   15 Reps Hip Raise   20 Reps Bicycle Crunch   20 … Read more >>>

Workout Wednesday – 9 Minute Fat Blasting Workout


9 Minute Fat Blasting At Home HIIT Workout 1 minute -Jumping Jacks 10 second rest 1 minute -Skater Jumps 10 second rest 1 Minute - Burpees 10 second rest 1 … Read more >>>

Workout Wednesday – Jump Rope For A Killer Body

best jump rope workout

Jump Rope Routine For A Killer Body Circuit 1 The Skip - perform for 3 minutes. Front To Back - hop to the front and back as you jump over rope for 3 minutes. Side To … Read more >>>

Workout Wednesday – 20-Minute-Weight-Loss Workout!

best 20 minute workout

20-Minute Weight-Loss Workout Dumbbell Row + Push-UpSpiderman PlankStep-Up + Biceps CurlJump RopeCrunch + Mountain Climber … Read more >>>

Workout Wednesday – Beauty Queen Full-body Workout

fitness workouts for women

Beauty Queen Full-body Workout:  EZ Bicep Curl With Wall Squat Arms Behind Head Sit-Up To Stand Hip Bridge With Leg Lift Skater Jumps Calf Raises … Read more >>>

Fitness Tip Tuesday Medicine Ball Side Crunch


Burns: 50 Calories in 10 Minutes How To: Begin in bridge position with shoulders on the stability ball, core tight and knees bent at a 90 degree angle. Hold medicine ball … Read more >>>

Workout Wednesday – Full Body Workout Routine For Women

full body workout routine for women

Full Body Workout Squat To DB Press Burpee To Push-Up Sumo Squat To Bicep Curl Barbell Deadlift to Back Row Plank Tricep Kickback Mountain Climbers … Read more >>>

Workout Wednesday – Trampoline Workout for Detox


During your detox, exercises on a trampoline is a great way to enhance your detox! It helps compress and decompress the body tissue and fluids. The benefits of these exercises … Read more >>>

Fitness Tip Tuesday – Rebounding


During your detox, jumping on a trampoline is a great exercise! It helps compress and decompress the body tissue and fluids. The benefits of this exercise include, but are not … Read more >>>