4 Moves for Leaner Legs (Workout Wednesday)


Workout Routine: Variation Squat   30 Seconds Side Plank with Dip   30 seconds/ Side Curtsy Lunge with Side Kick   30 Seconds/ Side Static Russian Hops   30 … Read more >>>

Wednesday Workout – How I got my abs back into shape!


Try this HIIT workout to get your lean legs and noticeable abs. This is how I am getting my abs back into shape! … Read more >>>

Workout Wednesday – Top-Rated Lower Body Workout For Women

at home lower body workout

Top-Rated Lower Body Workout For Women  Better Your Backside Workout Reserve Alternating Lunge 10 - 12 Reps Back Extension 12 - 15 Reps Sumo Squat 25 - 30 Reps Lying … Read more >>>

Workout Wednesday – Bye Bye Saddlebags

best workout for saddlebags

  Bye Bye Saddlebags Lying Side Leg Lift Squat to Side Leg Lift Cable Side to Side Step Dirty Dog Plie squat … Read more >>>

Workout Wednesday – Sculpt Sexy Legs Workout


Routine: A)  Front Squat 4 sets /4-6reps 90 second rest B1) High Step-Up 3 sets/8-10 reps SS (superset) B2) Close Stance Elevated Dumbbell Squat 3 sets/8-10 reps 60 second … Read more >>>

Fitness Tip Tuesday – Romanian Deadlift

workout tips for women

Single Leg Romanian Deadlift How To: With dumbells in hands, stand putting all weight onto right leg. Bend at the hips, reach down to the floor with both arms straight out. As … Read more >>>

Fitness Tip Tuesday – Split Squat Jump


  Split Squat Jump Burns: 76 Calories in 10 minutes How To: From a standing position, lower your body into a split squat: back leg- stand on the ball of your foot … Read more >>>

Fitness Tip Tuesday – Butt Kicks


Butt Kicks Burns: 75 Calories in 10 minutes How To: Begin standing straight with you feet shoulder width apart. Tighten you glutes. Keep knees slightly bent. Jump up lifting … Read more >>>

Fitness Tip Tuesday – Muscles of the Body – Legs

Getting to know the muscle in the body will help you focus on the muscle as you workout! Prepare yourself for tomorrow's Wednesday Workout! See workout below: Leg Workout: 10 … Read more >>>

Workout Wednesday – Get Your Sweat On – Lean Leg Workout


Ladies, We will be getting our “Sweat On” this week with an amazing leg workout. If you want sculpted lean legs this is the workout for you!! You will be performing a … Read more >>>