Exercises For Women

Exercises for women are not the same exercises that men do. My exercises target the special needs of a woman’s body with special focus on building strength to help reduce the potential for injury and building a lean, trim, body.


Fitness Tip Tuesday – Alternating Lateral Lunge

Workout for Women

Alternating Lateral Lunge - Great exercise for working the inner thigh ladies! Burns: 60 Calories in 15 minutes How To: Stand with feet shoulder width apart and arms to sides. … Read more >>>

Fitness Tip Tuesday – Abdominal Crunch for a Toned Stomach

Best ab Workouts for Women

Ab Crunch For Toned Abs Burns: 60 Calories in 20 Mintes!  How to: Leaning against a stability ball, have knees bent at a 90 degree angle. Have back laying flat against ball. … Read more >>>

Fitness Tip Tuesday – At-Home Hamstring Curl

Exercises for Women

Stability Ball Hamstring Curl (great butt and hamstring exercise) Burns: 85 Calories in 15 Minutes How To: Laying with back flat on floor, feet on stability ball and hands … Read more >>>

Fitness Tip Tuesday – Lunge with Dumbbells For Better Glutes

Best leg workouts for women

  Lunge with Dumbbells Burns: 105 Calories in 15 minutes! How to: Stand with dumbbells is hand and feet shoulder width apart. Step forward into a lunge. Keep your abs … Read more >>>

Fitness Tip Tuesday – Reverse Preacher Curl for Muscle Building

Fitness Tips for Women

Reverse Preacher Curl Burns: Burns 75 Calories in 15 Minutes  How To: You can use a preacher curl bench if you have one handy. If not, use an exercise ball . Start arms … Read more >>>

Fitness Tip Tuesday – Core Strengthening Exercise: The Plank

Womens Workout Fitness Tips

Plank  Burns: 100 calories in 5 minutes How: Facing the floor start on elbows and knees. With feet shoulder width apart, straighten out legs. Keep abs tight.You should be … Read more >>>

Fitness Tip Tuesday – Step-Up For Gorgeous Glutes

Workout Tips for Women

Step-Up Burns: 120 Calories in 10 minutes!  How To: Step up on rigt foot and down on left. Alternate legs. Make sure to push through your heels to activate the … Read more >>>

Fitness Tip Tuesday – Squat Jump

Fitness TIps For Women

Squat Jump Burns: 210 Calories in 15 Minutes How To: Begin with both legs shoulder width apart, bend knees into squat. Bring yourself up and jump as high as … Read more >>>

Fitness Tip Tuesday – Fat Burning Exercise – The Burpee

Workout Plans for Women

Burpee Burns: 110 Calories in 10 Minutes. How To:  Start in squat position with hands on floor in front of you. Hop with your feet back into a pushup position. Bring our … Read more >>>

Workout Wednesday – Full-Body Toning Workout Circuit

Full Body Toning Workout Circuit

Full-Body-Circuit Breakdown: Chin-up: To Failure Step-up: x10/leg Rear Fly: x8 Side-lying Leg Raise: x20/side Sets:3 Rest: 60 seconds between circuits. No rest between … Read more >>>