Nutrition For Women

Women have different nutrition needs than men. Learning what to eat and when to eat it is an important part in learning to how to live a fit and healthy lifestyle. My goal is to provide healthy options for your diet while still being delicious.


Go Green Detox Drinks – taken from Nourish Magazine


My husband is so good at making me a greens juice every morning, God bless him! Milia usually join in in the fun: I love that we have started a family tradition and hope … Read more >>>

Perfect Vegan Pancakes


Yes, I have an egg allergy :'(. It seriously sucks because I KNOW EGGS ARE HEALTHY. Replacing eggs is pretty tough, especially in pancakes (at least it is for me). . Well, I … Read more >>>

For Chocolate Lovers ONLY


You may or may not know that I happen to LOVE chocolate. . My mom has dark (dairy-free) chocolate on stand-by during my weekly visit to my parents. . You see I NEED SOME TREATS … Read more >>>

The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie


Looking for a little treat today? You’ve come to the right place. . Why settle for a store bought cookie loaded with sugars and preservatives when you can whip up some healthy … Read more >>>

How To Start Eating Healthy 101


When my readers sign up to receive my emails, they receive a welcome email where I ask how I can help them overcome their struggles with weight loss. Below you will read REAL … Read more >>>

Roast Beef and Arugula Bundles


. So here I am a busy mom of two LITTLE kids and having to bring food to a kids birthday party in 1 HOUR! What the heck is a girl to do?! . Being me, you know; "the healthy … Read more >>>

Mushroom Goat Cheese Crostini Recipe (From Health Magazine)


. Continuing our Holiday Appetizer theme, today I have a yummy and kind of healthy app for your next party. . I used a store bought bread loaf but feel free to bake your own … Read more >>>

Squash & Chickpea Fritters


. Since we are just weeks away from parties full of food, I thought it best to provide you with recipes I will be cooking up this holiday season. . You don't have to indulge ALL … Read more >>>

Final 7 Herbs & Spices for Fat Loss


Here is a list of the final 7 herbs and spices I want to share with you. Keep these in your kitchen for better tasting food and watch your immune system and health improve as … Read more >>>

Healthy Pumpkin Scone (RECIPE)

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 1.01.23 PM

. Since October is Pumpkin Love Month, here is my absolute FAV recipe. I have to give credit to my sister for this amazing recipe: . Healthy Pumpkin Scone (RECIPE)   … Read more >>>