Meal Plans

One of the hardest things to do is plan entire meals that are healthy. I provide easy to follow recipes and meal plan ideas to help make it easier for you to stay on your fitness diet while still having tasty food.


The 10 Best Foods for Health & Weight Loss


The 10 Best Foods for Health & Weight Loss Forget about trying to achieve optimal health and long-lasting weight loss through expensive drinks and supplements. The most … Read more >>>

Food Friday – What are the Benefits of Mustard Greens?

Yummy Healthy Meals

Yummy Healthy MealsTry this ingredient in your recipes! Its Yummy! :D This green happens to be a little spicy which can be a benefit when cooking with it, but you can tone it … Read more >>>

5 Carb Sources You Should Be Eating and Why


5 Best Carbs To Eat for Weight Loss Carbs always seem to get a bad rap. Starting with the Atkins Diet on through The Zone Diet and the Paleo Diet, various books, magazines, diet … Read more >>>

Food Fridays – What are the Benefits of Sage?

Healthy Diets for Women

Healthy Diets for Women Sage has so many benefits! Drinking sage in tea form is a great way to use it. There are many other uses such as drying up your breast milk when you are … Read more >>>

Tasty Thursday – Brown Rice Pesto Pasta Recipe

Meal Plans for Women

Brown Rice Pesto Pasta   Print Try this recipe when you are in a hurry and are looking for something healthy yet quick. Its very good and made from scratch! I hope you … Read more >>>

Tasty Thursday – Pasta FREE Zucchini Lasagna Recipe

Meal Plans for Women

5.0 from 3 reviews Zucchini Lasagna   Print Prep time 10 mins Cook time 45 mins Total time 55 mins   This is very delicious. You can be creative with … Read more >>>

Tasty thursday – Roast Beef Tenderloin And Cauliflower Recipe (video)

Healthy Meals

Happy Tasty Thursday! With Flavia Delmonte & Amy Stoddart I've gone ahead and written down the list of Ingredients for you so that you can save and print this recipe. Also … Read more >>>

Tasty Thursday – Home Made Greek Dressing

Home Made Greek Salad Dressing

Greek DressingĀ  by Flavia Del Monteā¤ A great trick and way to save time for you during the week is to make a pre-made salad dressing. Its not store bought so you know … Read more >>>

Tasty Thursday – Pork Tenderloin with Lentil Salad Recipe (video)

Healthy Meals

Tasty Thursday with Flavia Delmonte & Amy Stoddart Amy and I put together this wonderful, yummy dish just for you! I really enjoyed it and I really hope you do too. Its a … Read more >>>

Fitness Tip Tuesday – Curvalicious Meal Plans

fat loss meal plans

You asked for it so here it is, a Full week Meal Plan done by Curvalicious member, Rena. Rena has taken the meal plans from Curvalicious and adjusted it according to her … Read more >>>