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The Flavilicious Mission is to help women be the best version of themselves through nutrition and exercise. My hope is that you fall in love with your body by adopting healthy habits and fuelling your body with wholesome foods.


Easiest Veggie Burgers

| Mains, Vegetarian | No Comments
The past couple weeks have been filled with tons of summer activities! I recently got back from a family cottage trip. Was so nice to relax on the beach, get...

Rosemary Roasted Chicken

| Mains, Sauces & Dressings | No Comments
Get ready for a very flavourful chicken. Your kids and guests will love the presentation and taste. This recipe is super simple and quick too. You can use any fresh...

Asian Style Fish

| Mains | No Comments
Vince and I are getting our fair share of white fish these days. This week we worked with cod and flounder. Cod is definitely one of my favorite fish because...

My NEW Workout Regime with Cardio

| Abs, Arms, Back, Chest, Glutes, Legs, Shoulders | 5 Comments
I am super excited to be in a "maintenance" phase with my body. It took me around 8 months to lose the pregnancy weight I gained with Gianluca. I did...

3 Tricks For FAST FAT Loss + New Workout

| Abs, Arms, Back, Chest, Glutes, Legs, Shoulders | 3 Comments
PHOTOSHOOT DONE! I had a blast during my photo shoot but unfortunately I don't have a pic to share just yet. It was just Melissa and I, and since we...

New Workout + My Progress Pic

| Abs, Arms, Back, Chest, Glutes, Legs, Shoulders | 11 Comments
This is the last week before my photoshoot on Monday. I am looking forward to sending you some pictures :) Here is a progress pic. I am getting there. I...

I'm pretty happy with the results, I respect the program even though we had the holidays in between and that's huge! Can't wait for the next challenge.

Gabriela NeirottiReached her goal!

Thanks for all that you do, the motivation, the support, the great workouts & on & on!

Jeanette RebLost 11lbs!

The greatest benefit of all is not only new body and great feeling of finished work, but those habits formed along the way.

Michaela ErlebachovaLost 12lbs!

My 8-Week Workout Series

My current 8-week workout program I am personally using to lose my baby weight from baby #2. Posted free here on the blog.

Flavilicious Cooking

Flavilicious Cooking

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All-Belly Pregnancy

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