Curvalicious (DIGITAL)


Discover why trainers are DEAD WRONG when it comes to “toning”. Get the cold hard scientific TRUTH about fat loss and muscle tone that will finally unlock the REAL solution to creating the lean, sexy, curvy body you deserve & desire!


CURVALICIOUS is a 5-day workout program consisting of intelligently designed 40-minute metabolic fat loss workouts targeting a different body parts each workout. It relies on a variety of rep ranges (including lower reps with heavier weights) to enhance your neurogenic muscle tone – the only type of tone that gives your muscles beautiful definition.

Since every workout targets a different bodypart you’ll apply sufficient stimulus to add a few pounds of calorie-burning muscle while losing fat at the same time. This new muscle is YOUR MOST IMPORTANT WEAPON to keeping the fat off in the future and giving your body SHAPE. No muscle = no shape. It’s that simple.

By the end of the week you’ve hit all your major muscle groups with multiple angles, new exercises and varied rep ranges to stimulate all the muscle fibers that contribute to a bombshell booty, luscious legs, amazing arms, tight tummy, strong shoulders and a better back.

Every single detail is based on strategy and science and a female’s body structure. Each workout was carefully designed to 1) maximize metabolism so you can strip off the fat and reveal your muscle definition underneath 2) target the specific muscles that give your body an hourglass figure 3) add minimal amounts of muscle to keep the fat off forever. Each workout is progressive and stimulating.

Bottom line, when you learn how to progress intensity to a reasonably higher level, with the best exercises, the right volume and the right intensity, the synergistic results are mind blowing. CURVALICIOUS is all about developing a body that is perfect in your own eyes.


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