Mommylicious 30 Day Challenge


Introducing The Mommylicious 30 Day Challenge… An Easy-To-Follow 30 Day Program Designed By A Mom FOR Moms…

Guaranteed To Have You Waking Up Energized, And Feeling Sexy In YourBody Again…

The 30 Day Mommylicious Challenge Is Designed For YOU… Together We’ll Reboot Your “Mommy Metabolism” and Turn On Your Fat-Burning Furnace To Melt Those Ugly rolls Of Fat – Even From Stubborn  Body Parts

And The Best Part… I’ll Be With You As Your Personal Coach Every Step Of The Way…

It all starts March 5th! Once purchased you’ll receive your download links and I’ll be emailing you closer to the date with each weeks workouts and meals 🙂

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Skeptical? You Should Be… There’s no shortage of crash diet solutions, bogus fat-burner pills, exercise gizmos, acai berry scams and empty promises to tempt and distract you.

In Fact The Weight Loss Industry Is A $40 Billion Dollar Business Built Around YOUR Pain And Failure To Lose Weight.. Think about this…

If the weight loss programs and advice pushed your way actually worked – they would have nothing else to sell you!

And Did You Know That Many Of The Most Well-Known Diet Programs (Including Weight Watchers And Jenny Craig) Were Actually Owned By Big Food Companies Until Very Recently?


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