Flexible Friday – Glute & Thigh Stretch

Exercises for Women

❤ Flexible Friday ❤ How To: Laying flat on back, cross one leg over other, resting ankle on opposite knee. Bring knee towards chest. You can use your hands to create more … Read more >>>

Fitness Tip Tuesday – Step-Up For Gorgeous Glutes

Workout Tips for Women

Step-Up Burns: 120 Calories in 10 minutes!  How To: Step up on rigt foot and down on left. Alternate legs. Make sure to push through your heels to activate the … Read more >>>

Fitness Friday – At Home Fat-Burning Workout

Workouts for Women

Body Tightening Circuit Sets: 3 Rest 60 seconds between circuits. No rest between circuits Squat Jump  x10 Renegade Row x10/side Mountain Climbers x10/leg Rollout … Read more >>>

Workout Wednesday – 4 Minute Sexy Shoulder Circuit


Sets: 3, Rest of 60 Seconds between Circuits Rear Cable Fly:  x10 Seated Lateral Raise + Front Raise + Press:  x12 Heavy Alternating Shoulder Press: x8    See … Read more >>>

Fitness Tip Tuesday – At-Home 20 Minute Perfect BUTT Workout


  WHAT YOU NEED: 1) Dumbbells (10-20 lbs) 2) Bench/Box (something strong enough to hold your weight) 3) Resistance band (the thicker the band, the more … Read more >>>

Motivation Monday – Set a Deadline

5 minutes to abs

There is POWER in a Deadline Ever have an entire month to do something and you put it off until the project is due the next day? You work all day and night for this project that … Read more >>>

Photoshoot Part 3 of 3

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  Photoshoot Part 3 of 3   WHOA! I did it and it was sooooooooooo worth it. Can't wait to do it again :)   See also Photoshoot Part 2 … Read more >>>

Sneak Peak of the Photoshoot

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  Flavia Del Monte, Feb 26 2012   Here is a picture I got from the photographer today. Vince filmed the entire day and I am working on getting it put together so you … Read more >>>

Workout Wednesday – Thigh Exercises For Women: 5 Thigh Exercises To Blast Fat

Thigh toning exercises for women

  Thigh Exercises For Women: 5 Thigh Exercises To Blast Fat   It is now down to the final 2 weeks, it is time to turn up the notch, not that there is much room to do … Read more >>>


Female fat loss workout dvd

  I have a BIG surprise for you today!  In light of my 30 something birthday, I want to give all my amazing readers an opportunity to celebrate with me! Until … Read more >>>