The Problem with Gluten

Ezekiel or Sprouted Wheat  whole grain flourless Bread in kitchen or restaurant.

  Although Celiac disease has been diagnosed far more in the last decade than ever before, Celiac is still relatively rare. However, even if you are not diagnosed with … Read more >>>

Exercise Intense Fat Burning Circuit


  14 EXERCISE INTENSE FAT-BURNING CIRCUIT *Do each exercise back to back without stopping. When completed rest for a full 3 minutes and repeat 1-2 times.. Have … Read more >>>

The Top 20 Foods to Fight the Signs of Aging


 . "We all want to look and feel as young as possible for as long as possible."   This is evidenced by the billions of dollars spent every year on facial treatments, … Read more >>>

CURVALICIOUS Workout System Is Here

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After 4 months of hard work, the Curvalicious Workout and Nutrition Program is here! Today until Friday May 25th, the entire system is available at a HUGE discount and is … Read more >>>

Part 2 of 3 of Photoshoot

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  Have you seen part 1? Check it out here and feel free to pin it! … Read more >>>

My Better Arms Techniques For A Women’s Body

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  My Tips For Better Defined Arms   What do you think so far? I hope this video inspires you to get into the best shape of your life. Please feel free to PIN and … Read more >>>

Workout Wednesday – BEST Cardio Workout To Lose FAT

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 Cardio Workout For Fat Loss Ever go to the gym and think, “Well I have a lot of fat to lose - better jump on the treadmill” or “ I ate way too many sweets this weekend  … Read more >>>

Workout Wednesday – Six Pack Ab Workout

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  Six Pack Ab Workout Dynamic Duel, Ryan Watson and I are about to take you on a thrilling abdominal workout. Workout Breakdown Exercise 1: Weighted Leg Raises   3 x … Read more >>>

Workout Wednesday – The Hot Hamstring Burnout Workout For Women

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The Hot Hamstring Burnout Workout For Women   This is the very last workout before my photoshoot. I have more for you from last week, including the 2 previous circuits to … Read more >>>

Workout Wednesday – Brazilian Butt Lift Workout to Reshape Your Butt

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Ultimate Butt Lift Workout For Women Here is last Friday's Workout on Hamstrings and Glutes. One week out from my photoshoot and still going strong. Make sure to watch to hear … Read more >>>