Energy Boosting Breakfast Cereal

energy boosting breakfast recipe

Energy Boosting Breakfast Cereal   Print Prep time 10 mins Cook time 6 mins Total time 16 mins   Instead of sugary cereals that is high in carbohydrates … Read more >>>

Food Friday – What are the Benefits of Mustard Greens?

Yummy Healthy Meals

Yummy Healthy MealsTry this ingredient in your recipes! Its Yummy! :D This green happens to be a little spicy which can be a benefit when cooking with it, but you can tone it … Read more >>>

Fitness Tip Tuesday – How Many Calories Are You Drinking?

Women Fitness Diet

What your diet may be lacking is a true look at what you are consuming in your drinks. Here are examples of calories that add up if you are not careful. ONE POUND OF FAT = 3500 … Read more >>>

Are You Really Eating Whole Grains?

Wheat border

Ever walk through the grocery store and wonder;┬áIs this actually healthy? Is this whole grain? How on earth can I tell the difference? Guess what? You are normal Most people … Read more >>>

5 Women Fitness Tips For Traveling

San Diego

I arrived home safe and sound after a great memorial weekend in San Diego. Vince and I had a dedicated weekend of socializing, fun and yes, training. We never missed a single … Read more >>>