Flexibility Fridays – Thigh Stretch

Post-Workout Stretches

THE THIGH STRETCH This is great to learn balance as well as a wonderful way to stretch the tense muscles in your thigh, aka the quadriceps.  Balancing on left leg bring your … Read more >>>

Flexible Friday – Spinal Stretch

Best Stretches for Women

Stand straight and feet shoulder width apart. Lift arms above your head while clasping your hands together. Push up into the sky as high as if you are trying to elongate your … Read more >>>

Flexible Friday – Shoulder Stretch – The Prayer

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Using a stability ball or a bench, simply get onto knees, place elbows on ball or bench and brings hands together. If using a stability ball roll the ball away from you until you … Read more >>>

Flexible Friday – Best Stretch for Wrists


Happy Flexibility Friday!   I have tendonitis in my wrists :(  I believe opening up so many IV bags, as a nurse, is what caused the inflammation to occur. Now, I always … Read more >>>

Flexible Friday – Calf Stretch – Downward Facing Dog

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Downward Facing Dog   This basic yoga pose is a great calf stretch. Begin in a plank pose with your hands under your shoulders and lift your pelvis up making a V … Read more >>>

Flexible Friday – Standing Hamstring Stretch

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MEET YOUR MUSCLES     Hamstrings (posterior thigh) are effective at both extension of the hip-joint and flexion of the knee-joint. The hamstrings are active during normal … Read more >>>

Motivation Monday – Success

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Today is a great day! I get to see my husband after being apart for two and a half weeks. I can't wait to see him.......YAY! I am meeting Vince in beautiful Vancouver where we … Read more >>>

Flexible Friday – Chest and Shoulder Stretch

Shoulder stretch

  Stand with your feet together. Interweave your fingers behind your back, and rest them on your tailbone. With your chest lifted, arms straight, and shoulders down, … Read more >>>

Motivation Monday


  - George Eliot IF YOU AGREE, LIKE IT UP! SEE ALSO: FAITH VS. WORK … Read more >>>

Workout Wednesday – Shoulder and Triceps

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I leave for Barcelona in 2 days and have been training to burn calories and get my body looking fit for the beach.  I took these pics this morning. I lost 2 pounds in the last 10 … Read more >>>