Motivation Monday – Exercise To Show Your Love Yourself

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Exercise is like an addiction. Once you're in it, you feel like your body needs it." -Elsa Pataky … Read more >>>

Food Friday – Health Benefits of Mint

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Tasty Thursday – Holiday Egg Nog Recipe


    Print Prep time 5 mins Cook time 20 mins Total time 25 mins   This is a delicious & healthy way to wake up on Christmas morning! … Read more >>>

Tasty Thursday – Sweet and Sour Chicken Recipe To Build Muscle

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4.7 from 3 reviews Sweet and Sour Chicken   Print Prep time 20 mins Cook time 15 mins Total time 35 mins   The traditional sweet and sour chicken … Read more >>>

The Reason You Can’t Lose Weight

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  The Reason You Can't Lose Weight   We are facing a HUGE epidemic in our society. Obesity is prevalent in adults and now even in adolescence. As a pediatric nurse I … Read more >>>

Motivation VS. Commitment

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Motivation VS. Commitment   I have to say I am pretty motivated to workout. I know the end results and how amazing I feel after a workout that the rewards cause "happy" … Read more >>>

Flexible Friday – Child’s Pose Back Stretch

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Child's Pose Back Stretch   Starting Position/ Form: Sit back on your heels and allow your arms to move over your head. The Child’s Pose is a beginner yoga … Read more >>>

Tasty Thursday – Crab and Avocado Bites Recipe

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Crab and Avocado Bites Recipe For Female Fat Loss   Prep Time: 25 minutes   Cook Time: 8 Minutes Homemade Mayonnaise (from Diet Solution Plan) 1 cup olive … Read more >>>

Part 2 of 3 of Photoshoot

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  Have you seen part 1? Check it out here and feel free to pin it! … Read more >>>

My Better Arms Techniques For A Women’s Body

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  My Tips For Better Defined Arms   What do you think so far? I hope this video inspires you to get into the best shape of your life. Please feel free to PIN and … Read more >>>