Fitness Tip Tuesday – Curvy Calf Circuit


*you can do this as a circuit moving from one exercise to the next or you can do each exercise for 4 sets before moving on the next exercise. ENJOY! Sets: 3, Rest for 60 … Read more >>>

Number One Chest Exercise For Women

Full-body woman

Many ladies have asked me how to increase their pec size, so I want to share my number one chest exercise for women. We could all use a boost. Increasing muscle mass on your … Read more >>>

The Squat

Lower Body workout

Squats This exercise targets your quadriceps, activate your core and just about every other muscle of your lower body including your glutes, hamstrings, and calves. How to … Read more >>>

Upper Body Burnout Exercise Video

Female fitness workout

Watch Ryan Watson take me through a killer upper body workout. You can see how hard I am pushing here. This is what it looks like to work in the gym. Enter into every workout … Read more >>>

Overcoming Your Plateau


When it comes to lifting weight, changing the rate at which you perform the different parts of the lift is a proven method to overcoming muscle adaptation. Training with varying … Read more >>>

Video Interview with Flavia & Scott Tousignant

women's workout

Video with Flavia Del Monte & Scott Tousignant I want to thank Scott Tousignant of of for hosting this 23 minutes and covering the story … Read more >>>

Candid Interview with Flavia Del Monte

Healthy Workout Tips

  My friend Kevin just interviewed me for his  website and I'm the first female to ever appear on his site. In our interview you'll learn... --> … Read more >>>

Just For Women Fitness – True or False Quiz

flavia delmonte just for women fitness

Just For Women Fitness - True or False Quiz Want to test out your fitness knowledge, for womens fitness, and have a little fun today?  I think you're going to find some really … Read more >>>


FBL <------- Go now! The only 5 day workout system developed by a female and designed for females to get a flawless figure. For the … Read more >>>

Frequently Asked Questions about FULL-BODY-LICIOUS

Special Fast Action Bonus For Day 1 Orders Only Frequently Asked Questions about FULL-BODY-LICIOUS     Q: What exactly is FULL-BODY-LICIOUS and why is it … Read more >>>