1. What is the most amount of carbohydrates a women should eat to lose weight in a day?

  2. The amount of calories a women should eat to lose fat is:

  3. In order to build muscle, a women should:

  4. For women to have a "toned" look a women needs to:

  5. A women needs to do a lot of cardio in order to lose weight

  6. High Intensity Exercise...

  7. High Intensity Interval Training...

  8. Problem areas or stubborn fat...

  9. Eating low calorie diets...

  10. Lifting heavy weight will make women look bulky

  11. As you age, it is harder to lose weight

  12. The best rep range for getting that "toned" look is

  13. The optimal rest period to burn fat in-between each exercise is...

  14. How often should you take a complete recovery week from your workouts?

  15. What is more effective for weight loss for a women:


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