Congratulations to the 2 winners of the Flavilicious Fitness Transformation Contest...

Overall winner - $500 Prize!!

"The biggest result was to achieve a more athletic and healthier figure"


From:San Antonio, TX
Weight loss:130 lbs - 115 lbs

"I am in charge of my dreams and i am happy that I am on the right path now"

Over 40 Winner - $500 Prize


Name:Delia Zarate
From:Mooresville, NC
Weight loss:4 lbs



Success Stories from Flavilicious Fitness Students...

You are about to read genuine, real-world success stories submitted by users from all around the world, who have put their trust in my fitness programs. The highlight of my day is hearing about me how much you enjoyed the programs and how much you have transformed your body and life. To all those who have been kind enough to share your story and let me share it with the world, thank you very much. 

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I really learned how to take care of myself physically


From:Guelph, ON
Weight loss:10 lbs
Inches lost:3


"Participating in the Flavilicious program was an amazing and encouraging experience for me. By the end of the 6 weeks I had lost 10 lbs and 3 inches from my waist and I really learned how to take care of myself physically. This is the first fitness and nutrition program that I have been able to stick with the entire time and that I am confident I can continue following. I really enjoyed the large variety of exercises and being able to learn new and effective movements that I had never tried before. I've come away from this program truly understanding that losing weight and being healthy is not simply a short term goal, it is a lifestyle and a choice, one that is truly achievable with hard work and great support. Thank you Flavia!"

Have to go out and get new sizes of clothes...


From:Guelph, ON
Weight Loss:16.8 lbs
Inches lost:4


"Already I am feeling so much stronger and healthier. I have to go out and get new sizes of clothes....not a bad problem to have :) Thanks again. I loved this challenge. It was soooooo worth my time and effort. Your program is excellent and I have become a spokeswoman for your product :) At 50 I had become flabby. Over the years my weight had slowly but surely increased significantly; it's amazing just how much you can hide over almost 6 feet in height! When Flavia's nutrition and exercise progr am challenge arrived I was more than ready! The eating plan was very practical (except for those veggies in the morning....sorry Flavia!) and satisfying; the exercise plan was challenging and full of variety. (The stability ball eventually became stable with practice!) The results speak for themselves......16.8 pound weight loss and 4" from my waist alone. I am more fit and healthy at 50 than I have been in a very long time. I plan to continue on...thanks Flavia for the challenge and may God bless you big time in your release of this excellent product!"

Lose 18 lbs and finally sees changes in legs


From:Minneapolis, MN
Weight loss:18 lbs


"I am SO ready for the next program or more workouts. I lost 18 pounds. I have SO much more I want to accomplish and don't want to lose what I've gained so far. I felt like I made good changes when I look in the mirror. In the last week, I've finally seen change in my legs with more muscle definition and losing about an inch around. I never missed a workout and ate the way I was supposed to 99% of the time."

Setting the bar higher now!


From:UAE, Dubai
Weight loss:6.6 lbs
Bodyfat loss:25% to 22%


"I'm 33 years old, I'm Russian, I live in Dubai, UAE, I have 4 year old daughter. I'm 165 cm tall and my weight is 65 kg. My body fat %-age is between 24 to 26% and most of it is on my lower body. I have been struggling with my body fat almost all my life! I was born 4,8 kg (big baby!) and at the age of 8 I was diagnosed 2nd stage of OBESITY. My worst time was when I gained more than 35kg during my pregnancy. It's been about 4 years now and honestly, Im confused now….because Im trying just about every new program available and still can't get rid of that last 10 kg of fatIn 6 weeks I dropped 3kg of fat - few inches here and there. I went from 25% to 22% of body fat. Not bad! Now im setting new goals and want to be 15% body fat! Thx for your support and advice."

Clothes are fitting so much looser!


Weight loss:3 lbs
Inches lost:3


"Overall, I've lost 3 inches (my clothes a re so much looser on me) and 2 pounds:) I have been really good with eating/exercise. I am still working my way to perfection. Thank you for the head start. I am excited to continue your program. Thank you so much! You truly are amazing and so inspiring."

Could see her abs after one week on Flavia's program


From:Iowa, USA
Mother of 3
Inches Lost:3 in 1 1/2 weeks


"Thank you for letting me be a part of your test group. I have learned so much especially in nutrition. I am very excited to start your next program. I hope you are proud. Membership to a gym isn't an option for me having 3 little children. Why I love Flavia's program is because I can do it at home or on the road (which I did). I could see the results right away. The exercises are diverse and targets all areas so I never got bored. The nutrition program was all new and extremely interesting. I learned to eat in a completely new way. Nutrition is my weak area but the knowledge I have gained is amazing! I will never eat the same. I could see my abs in one week of following Flavia's program. I lost 1 inch off my rump in 1 week and 2 inches off my thighs in 1 1/2 weeks. My love handles were gone within the second week. Flavia has designed this program so that anyone can be successful!"

"The biggest result was to achieve a more athletic and healthier figure"


From:San Antonio, TX
Weight loss:130 lbs - 115 lbs


1) What did you achieve from this program, and how did it impact your life?

I didn't only achieve physical changes from this program but I also got a lot of personal gains. I'm more confident about myself, I now know that I can achieve any goals I set for myself in life. I just have never looked this good in my whole life!!!

2) What were your obstacles and frustrations before ordering my program?

Before buying the program it was always frustrating to go in the gym and never know what to do. I would do hours of cardio and would never see any big results, I will just be tired and bored.

3) What motivated you to take action and order the program? What was your initial impression of the program?

I just couldn't take it any more to be heavy and feel like my husband wasn't attracted to me any more. The first day I did the program I felt like it was too advanced for myself but as days went buy I just fell in love with it, the time spent doing it went by really fast, I started getting more mentally focused and the workouts kept getting more enjoyable each time.

4) What kind of results have you achieved with your physique?

In few words, the biggest result for me was to achieve a more athletic and healthier figure. My waist is smaller as well as my tights, they are firmer and muscular now. I keep getting compliments on how nice n firm my legs and butt are. I don't have any fluff on my arms any more, instead they are super tonned and sexy. My midsection is smaller and more defined now!

5) How else has the investment changed your life?

My starting weight was 130 lb and by the end of the program I was down to 115 lb! I lost a total of 5 inches off my waist and 3 of my tights ( they are one of my problem areas) I am a huge fan of Flavia's and Vince's, in fact the first exercise program that I bought was Vince's and after that I just became your big time fan! This program and Flavia's motivational email on Mondays as well as her recipes just kept me encouraged the whole time to succeed and I end up getting bigger results than I could have ever expect it. I can't thank enough this couple for the wonders they have done to my personal life as well as my marriage. They helped me recover myself after falling into depression, thanks to them I was able to gain my self-esteem back and I'm now getting ready to look great for my second wedding Yey! I'm marrying again the same man but as he says his bonus will be a better looking bride!!! I just feel like I can't take you enough Flavia!

6) Are you currently one of Flavia's email subscribers?


7) Please mention whether you are okay with your success story and images being used on Flavilicious Fitness website.

I'll be ok with posting my success story but not the pics, unless you find a way to cover my sports bra from my before pics, I just never thought I would use them.

"I am in charge of my dreams and i am happy that I am on the right path now"


Name:Delia Zarate
From:Mooresville, NC
Weight loss:4 lbs


1) What did you achieve from this program, and how did it impact your life?

This program made me AWARE OF WHAT I WAS EATING (too many carbs!). To keep a journal of what you eat is so helpful, it helps you realize and celebrate your achievements instead of getting all mad when you eat not that clean. The exercise program is tough but flexible, YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE WORKING OUT, how to maximize when you have the energy for and how to take it easy but still work out effectively. It is also flexible in the sense that you can do it at home or at the gym - no excuses! THIS PROGRAM EMPOWERS YOU TO DEFINE AND ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS!! Curvalicious program helped to remind me that I AM IN CHARGE OF MY DREAMS, no one else can transform my body or my habits but me. And since you feel and see results from the very beginning and in every session, it keeps you engaged and with the feeling that YOU CAN DO IT! And when you know you can, your self-esteem soars :)

2) What were your obstacles and frustrations before ordering my program?

I was doing three classes daily and/or running distance, and I didnt see any desirable changes in my body. My tummy is my problem area, and since I am vegetarian I was packing myself with carb loaded food. When I learned from your program how to eat and exercise to boost my metabolism, I could see progress towards my goals. I know I havent arrived to where I want to be, but I am happy that I am on the right path now.

3) What motivated you to take action and order the program? What was your initial impression of the program?

The money back warranty made it a risk-free decision and your physique made me said "I want that too!" At the beginning, I was very cautious and skeptical, and I did my research for reviews of this program, and I only found good comments- one of them was something like "you can see results but it wont be easy, you have to work hard!" So I thought, I will give it a try and I am glad I did :)

4) What kind of results have you achieved with your physique?

I definitely got stronger with curvalicious, as well as slender and you can start seeing my abs :) My husband is loving my legs! I can star seeing some definition in my arms too :)

5) How else has the investment changed your life?

It made me realize that I could help my daughters to start working out now and to eat clean right now. And since they do not have the discipline to work out by themselves right now (they are 12 and 14), I signed them in a Crossfit class and they are eating much better than they used to, as well. A month after, they too are more confident about their bodies and their abilities to achieve their dreams!

6) Are you currently one of Flavia's email subscribers?


7) Please mention whether you are okay with your success story and images being used on Flavilicious Fitness website.


"I acquired the knowledge on how to burn fat and build muscle and I look forward to ever workout"


Name:Wei Ling Lim
Weight loss:51kg to 49kg


1) What did you achieve from this program, and how did it impact your life?

With this program, not only did I gained the discipline and dedication to follow through a 12 week program to the T, but I acquired the knowledge on how to burn fat and build muscles through body split metabolic strength training. I look forward to every workout and feel pumped and accomplished each time I complete one.

2) What were your obstacles and frustrations before ordering my program?

Before ordering Curvalicious, I was training 6x a week as well but doing random full body workouts, which means I never gave my muscle groups enough time for recovery. While I was definitely fitter than before, I was never sure if I was on the right track and people could not tell that I was trying to burn fat and build muscles. However, with Curvalicious, my muscles started to get more defined and obvious.

3) What motivated you to take action and order the program? What was your initial impression of the program?

I have always been following the articles written by trusted voices in the fitness industry such as people like John Romaniello, Joel Marion, Vince Del Monte, etc. When I read about Curvalicious, I knew that I can be certain that this program will bring me results since it was recommended by these people. My initial impression of the program was that it was tough but it was also fun, and to be able to see fast results made me stick to it for the entirety of the 12 weeks. It has been more than one month since I completed the program, but I still revisit it some weeks or use the format and sub some exercises in. It is a perfect template for an effective metabolic fat loss program!

4) What kind of results have you achieved with your physique?

I lost 2 kgs off my body weight, not a lot but weight has never been significant to me as I know that it can be anything ranging from water to muscle loss. Unfortunately, I do not have access to check my bodyfat percentage but I have been taking pictures to know that I have definitely leaned out. Every week on the program, I either increase my rep per exercise or increase the weight. Not only am I getting more shredded, but I now know my way well around the weight room and lift heavy weights which has already gained me compliments from the men and trainers in the gym!

5) How else has the investment changed your life?

This program has definitely improved my fitness level, brought me closer to my physical goals and I have also since enrolled myself for a certification in personal training. To say that this investment has changed my life would be an understatement.

6) Are you currently one of Flavia's email subscribers?


7) Please mention whether you are okay with your success story and images being used on Flavilicious Fitness website.

Yes, definitely. I would love to set an example, to inspire and to be inspired by all other success stories!

"I couldn't believe my eyes! Now I finally have the confidence to join Flavia's mission."

From:Toronto, ON
Weight loss:145lbs to 137lbs
Body Fat%:22% to 16%


Who would have thought this chubby, nerdy wallflower would be flaunting her abs on the internet – in sports bras? I grew up an obese child, survived anorexia, failed 7 different diets before settling with just being a voluptuous cardio hamster.

"Healthy eating" is a moving target. I saw and tried it all. Needless to say, I never was happy with my body, despite spending 6 hours a week in the gym.

Prior to Full-bodylicious, with a low glycemic impact program, I got my body fat down to 22% but my progress had stopped and I had yet to achieve my ideal athletic physique. I knew that I needed to pump iron. So, I hit the weight room and tried random internet exercises. I ended up spending 2 hours each time and got really sore. Confused, I called up a personal trainer who told me how imbalanced I was at our assessment.

Flavia's VDO about Full-Bodylicious hit home for me because she understands. The science made perfect sense. (I can tell BS because I'm a scientist.) The program was much more affordable than personal training, so I gave it a try. 1 hour a day, 5 times a week seemed like a bargain in terms of time as well.

Fullbodylicious workouts were so much fun, so it was easy for me to stick to. Information in the guides totally opened my eyes about fat loss for women.

I was so excited when Curvalicious came out. The programs were much more challenging and within 6 weeks my abs started showing up, my arms and legs more chiseled.

I couldn't believe my eyes! Besides muscles, I finally gained the confidence to join Flavia's mission to help fellow ladies get lean and strong, so I did a fitness photoshoot for my own body transformation blog.

"I've been on your Full-Body-Licious program for 6 weeks now and I do have to say I LOVE the results!! :)"


Weight loss:4 lbs


I started at 120 lbs and 6 weeks later I'm 116 lbs.

"Now I Have Completely Changed The My Lifestyle and Eating Habits"
Name:Anna Smith
Fat loss:16.3% to 14.5%


I am 15 years old. I I have been consistently doing your program for about 4 months now and absolutely love it! I went from 16.3% body fat down to 14.5% Now I have completely changed my lifestyle and eating habits. I eat only healthy foods except for an occasional cheat day. You are such an inspiration to me and I am going to keep learning about nutrition and exercise and would like to pursue a career as a dietician.

Thanks you so much for your help and advice!

"I Feel Much Better About Myself and How I Look"




I am writing to you to thank you for your fitness videos. I have always practiced yoga and haven't been to a gym in 8 years. I have always had a decent physique, but after turning 39 and seeing how your body changes and isn't so resilient as it used to be, I decided to change my lifestyle. I went from 117 to 127 lbs in one year after a breakup and too much traveling. I have always eaten healthy, no carbs, fats, junk food,.. i eat organic mostly with a main diet of fruits, veggies & fish.

I came across a couple of your YouTube workouts one day while looking for videos on abs workouts, and loved your style of fitness, your friendly and easy mannerisms in teaching, this brought me to your website where I've pretty much downloaded every single mp4 you offer. I have been doing 2-4 videos every day, 6 days a week for 5 weeks along with a lot of treadmill. Not only am I having so much fun with how you change it upin each video, the difference in my body is amazing. I have a Stability ball, medicine balls, dumbbells, a bosu, a stepper, a big mat and a bench in my home gym.. pretty much all the things you use. The reason I really enjoy your workouts is because the gym can be very boring and dronish, but you make it actually fun with the creativeness of using all the props. I thought i would forward you the week 1 vs wk 5 pics.

So thank you again for changing my life, I feel so much better about myself and how I look!

"I Fell and Look Better Than Ever"


Name:Elizabeth Paige Scarinci
Weight Loss:165 lbs to 135 lbs


I am writing to first and foremost thank you for everything you do. I have been working out with Full-Body-Licious since April and have lost 30 pounds, going from 165 to 135. I have struggled with my weight for my entire life and finally feel like I have control over my body. I feel and look better than ever and this confidence has translated into better performance in school, stress management, etc. Weight training among women is so underestimated and undervalued. Flavia has been a great inspiration and my success is due largely to this training program.

"I Have Shed Over 50% of Myself, Literally"


Name:Lowri Elen Casimiro
Weight Loss:85kg to 63.7 kg


I have shed an enormous amount of weight over the last year - over 50% of myself to be honest. I am 6ft tall and in June 2010 I weighed126kg. I wouldn't or could even guess at my fat % at that time. Needless to say, something happened and I began to shrink - rapidly!! I think I picked up on your fitness regime/programme last July; I was weighing in at 84.7kg. Obviously, I was pleased the change in my life, my life style,my body, confidence etc at that point and I was slimmer & fitter than I had been since I was in my late teens/ early 20's. Due to my location (a ridiculous small Thai Island), I haven't been able to follow your dietary advice/nutrition plan as I am on a limited budget and running a fledgling business. Being an Island, they crankup the prices on the majority of imported products, as a result I seem to have turned into a protein & fruit junkie - though my protein-fruit shakes are to die for!! Although the majority of my nutrition is liquid (in these tropical climes I regard fluid essential and a far superior way to fuel my body), I do try and include a solids meal each day even if it's simply a piece of salmon/chicken with a variety of non-starchy vegetables.

I keep a daily food & exercise diary which has made me far more aware of my short-falls, weaknesses and helps me to keep my intake balanced - though usually my daily intake of fats is less than 5% & daily intake less than KCal1300. This is as much by default through budget as through self-restriction.

To date, since starting your fitness regime, there has been a considerable difference in my body-shape & I currently weigh 71kg; of which 24.2% is body fat & my lean muscle weight is 54kg. As I said - I've lost half of myself, I'm sure they should have been charging me an excess luggage fee at the airport!! Thank you for helping me motivate myself and for your enthusiasm & inspiration - I doubt I'll ever achieve your awesome physique, however, I'm by far fitter & healthier than I ever have been in my life; I enjoy... no... love working out and challenging myself in a way I didn't think was possible. I'm proud to announce that a few weeks ago I completed a half marathon and I've also completed a Triathlon, even managed not to finish last!!

With thanks & kindest regards

"I Gained 2 Pounds of Lean Muscle and My Bodyfat % Got Even Lower In 4 Weeks"


Name:Victoria Guthrie
Weight Gain:2 lbs


Good news, I gained 2 pounds of lean muscle and my body fat % got even lower with your diet plan in four weeks. I am so happy! I have been trying to gain muscle for almost two years and have gotten stronger and leaner only. I'd like to add another 5/6 pounds of muscle so I'll keep with the program. I've got 3 more weeks of a fitness program in motion, then I'll start the programs I purchased from you Curvalicious and Musclicious.

Thank you!

"You Encouraged Me To Start Using Weights"


That is until I was diagnosed w/ Cerebral Cavemous Malformation (CCM) on the first weekend of January 2010. I went in for 2 brain surgeries two months later and had to work on mobility during a few months of physical therapy. The year 2010 was the worst years of my life! However, last years (2011) I was determined to get my balance back so I started doing body weight exercises. It was tough and very frustrating, but I kept pushing because I wanted to be "normal" again. Then, this year I felt like I can do more and I found you on YouTube. I have to say…you totally encouraged me to start using weights! Your physique, your smile, and positive reinforcement became an inspiration. I've been lifting ever since!

Although I still struggle with my equilibrium and vertigo, this program is what keeps me moving forward. Now, I see the year 2010 is not only the worst year of my life it is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

"My Body Has Never Been Better"


The workout for the hamstring and flutes you posted was a great one. I threw it in to mix up Curvalicious programe. I am loving Curvalicious, and want to thank you for giving me the confidence to go into the gym area with all the big guys & not look like an idiot. I take your notes & plug my iPod in & away I go. Hopefully I will be able to enter your next body transformation competition! Anyone out there stalling on buying the programme should just do it! My body (at 40) has never been better thanks to Flavia…good nutrition & HARD gym work really does the job!! Thank you Flavia, all the way from Australia!! X

Definitely much stronger!

"I have definitely been having fun trying to keep up with the workouts and switching up my routine now and then. Within days I saw results, I actually had upper body strength!"

Toronto, Ontario

Lost 10 lbs and feeling fantastic

"I have had excellent results from your program! I have lost 10 lbs! I look and feel fantastic! Cutting out flour and sugar has left me with a ton of amazing energy! My muffin tops, chub around lower back and stomach are completely gone! YAY!! I have tried for 3 years to get rid of my belly fat and nothing worked!! Thank you so much for allowing me to participate in your fitness program! What an amazing opportunity for me! You have blessed me! Thanks so much! Sending you a big hug!"

Brantford, Ontario

One meal at a time approach is working nicely

" Hi flavia, well so far so good here I am just starting week 2. I really like having my workouts laid out for me. They are very challenging but I took your advice and only started out with 2 sets so far;) the meal plan is the most challenging for me, but I am sticking with it, 1 meal @ a time! week 1 I have lost 2.2 lbs and I am taking measurements as well which are going in the right direction! Thanks for your words of encouragement!

Brantford, Ontario

This workout is kicking my butt and my daughters too

"I just wanted to give you some feedback-this workout is kicking our butts! I am doing this workout with my daughter, just started with this being our second day, and we are wiped out. I love it! Thursday we do day three, looks like it will be a tough one too. When I can feel the effects of a workout a couple hours later, I know that I have worked my body good. Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to try out your program."

Take care,
Auburn, California

I like my flatter stomach

"I have had great results using Flavia's program. Many have commented on my leaner look. I am fairly lean to start, but have belly fat to spare. Using Flavia's program, I lost 6 pounds and I do like my flatter stomach. I plan to keep incorporating the nutrition ideas and will continue with the fury circuits. Believe me, Flavia's plans will work, if you work them. Thank you Flavia for all your encouragement and belief in us."

Guelph, ON


OMG Thanks so much For bodylicious!! U gave me a GIFt when u gave me this!! IDk if u remember me but i contacted you regarding what i should do and wanted to get back in shape becuase after i lost my son I lost myself and My family was falling apart and U gave me a Gift!! Since then I have lost 9 1/ 2 lbs and sooo many inches I am now only 13% body fat plus now iam down to a 20 1/2 "waist NOT KIDDING!! I LOVE LOVe this way of working out and eating Clean!! Thankyou!!

It PAYS OFF!! I get very put off on some days when i don't see results and deprived on some days when i want my junk.. but i hang in there and sooner or later (not right away) U DO SEE the results and it varies day to day of course becuase of being a women and theh water weight, lol!! But in all in GREAT shape and Iam still going FOR THE GOLD!! I LOVE This program and I am IN LOVE with the body workouts Full body AWESOME~~

YA GIRL!! YOU SOoooooooooo FRICKEN ROCK!! {{{Hugs}}"

Love Kylie& Noahs Mommy…. Jen


Rules of the Flavilicious Fitness “ I Can Now Say, I Love My Body” Contest.

How To Submit Your Feedback and Pictures…

Contest Timeline: Oct 1, 2012 to March 31, 2013

  1. The last day to enter if you want to compete in the contest is Sunday, March 31st, 2013. Your transformation must take place between Oct 1, 2012 and March 31st.
  2. Remember, your transformation can be from ANY Flavilicious Fitness related programs.

  3. Register for this contest by entering your name, email, and agreeing to the terms and conditions of the contest.

  4. The transformation contest will be judged by Flavia Del Monte and Flavilicious Fitness staff and voting may be opened to the public.
  5. In addition to providing before & after photos, each contestant must write a 250 word testimonial on their before and after success story. Unless you want to write your own testimonial and send it to me, I want to make it super easy for you so I have provided some questions for you to answer.
  6. You must have purchased a Flavilicious Fitness program to enter. We will be cross-referencing all winners names with our database. Unfortunately, “sharing” of programs will not be allowed.
  7. The majority of these comments will be featured on my website, this web page and in future newsletters. Please mention whether you are okay with your success story and images being used on this website or the Flavilicious Fitness blog.

    Please send an email to flavia [at]
    With subject line: “Oct 1, 2012 to March 31st, 2013 Transformation Entry”

    Be sure to include:

    1) Full Name:

    2) Your BEST email address to reach you on?

    3) Age

    4) Height

    5) Before and After Weight

    6) Before and After Body Fat % (if you happen to have this information)

    7) Current city you live in

    8) What did you achieve from this program, and how did it impact your life?

    9) What were your obstacles and frustrations before ordering my program?

    10) What motivated you to take action and order the program? What was your initial impression of the program?

    11) What kind of results have you achieved with your physique?
    (Be specific here. Feel free to brag about how much weight you gained, how much body fat you lost, how your measurements changed, and any strength gains.)

    12) How else has the investment changed your life?

    13) Pictures (see below)

    14) Are you currently one of Flavia’s email subscribers?

    15) Please mention whether you are okay with your success story and images being used on Flavilicious Fitness website.

    Specifics for Pictures, PLEASE READ CARFULLY:

    -  MINIMUM of ONE front before and after photo. Extra photos are recorded for additional information.

    -  All pictures must include your face and ideally a newspaper clipping of the date in the background of the shot

    -  PLEASE use good lighting and a consistent (ideally an empty wall) background.  Gym shots ARE NOT ideal.

  8. Prizes are as follows:

    For the Transformation Contest:

    There will be two categories:

    Women Under 40
    Women Over 40

    With the exception of the grand prize, each category will reward the following prizes.

    1st Place Grand Prize - $500 women under 40
    1st Place Grand Prize - $500 women over 40


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