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Attention: The TRUTH Every Mom Should Know About Losing "Baby Fat"...

Uncomfortable Wearing A Bathing Suit? Tried (And Failed) To Lose Pregnancy Weight (Even If It Was YEARS Ago)?

Chances are You're Dealing With Metabolic Damage

Discover 5 Ways To "Reboot" A Slow Metabolism Without Always Feeling Hungry, Doing Long Cardio Workouts, Or "Cutting Carbs"...

It's not fair.

Losing weight is hard enough.

But after you have kids, it’s even harder.

Not only do we have less time to eat right and exercise…

Our bodies are Just different after babies...

Our hormones and metabolism go through radical changes during pregnancy so we can sustain and grow a new life inside our body.

And it can take years for the effect of those body changes to settle down.

Which means when we want to lose weight...

The same eating plans and exercise programs that work for other people often don't work for us

This can leave you feeling like a failure, discouraged, or like there’s something WRONG with you.

And it doesn't matter if you had your kids 2 months ago - or 20 years ago...

Losing "Baby Fat" Is One Of The Most Discouraging And Frustrating Challenges We Face As Women

But I'm here to tell you...

If You're Still Carrying Around Baby Fat On Your Belly, Thighs, And Butt…

It's Not Your Fault...

We've all been bombarded with really bad advice from magazines, Hollywood, TV and the internet about "how to lose weight".

Diet fads come and go - and what's "popular" one year turns out to be dangerous the next year.

Even Weight Watchers has a 98% long-term failure rate.

It's time for you to get the truth...

The REAL Reason Women Struggle to Lose Weight After Having Kids Is "Metabolic Damage"...

QUIZ: Is Your Metabolism Broken

If you answer YES to one or more of the following questions, you may have metabolic damage.

(Which means you need to repair your broken metabolism before your body will even ALLOW you to lose weight).

  1. You eat all the right foods and still CAN'T lose weight
  2. You exercise and CAN'T lose weight
  3. You are never hungry but instead feel bloated
  4. You find yourself "binge" eating and feel ashamed about yourself

Lack of results are a sign of a damaged or broken metabolism but there is good news...

You Can "Reboot" and Repair Your Metabolism In As Little As 30 Days...

Have You Ever Seen A Skinny Girl Eating All Sorts Of Crappy Food And NEVER Gaining Weight? 

Infuriating isn't it?

Well, she's not a bad person :)

It just mean's she's got a healthy metabolism.

And in just 30 days you can kickstart your own  healthy, fat-burning metabolism too!

Your metabolism is what determines if the food you eat is converted to fat, or used as energy.

A healthy metabolism lets you eat all kinds of food, even pizza and goodies...and burn up those calories without storing fat.

Unfortunately - Most of us suffer from Metabolic DAMAGE without even realizing it.

When your metabolism is slow, sluggish or damaged - the food you love to eat is more likely to be turned into fat than converted to energy.

This damage is caused by yo-yo dieting, pregnancy, bad food choices, even too much exercise.

And when your metabolism is damaged...
  • Instead of using food for energy, the food is stored since as fat since your body doesn't know an efficient way to get rid of it.
  • You can exercise for HOURS and not drop a pound. (In fact extreme exercise can cause you to store MORE fat!)
  • You can use all your willpower, deprive yourself of food you love and do everything "right" and still remain overweight and unhappy.

Which is why instead of "dieting" doing "cardio" or "going to the Gym" to lose weight...

It's Easier (And Faster) To Repair Your Metabolism So You Can Eat Food You Love And Melt The Fat From Your Body ...

Yes! A Healthy Metabolism LITERALLY Melts Fat In Your body Using Heat! (A process called "thermogenesis")

When you have a fast, healthy metabolism you can...
  • Eat foods you love that taste great...
  • Finish your meals feeling full and satisfied...
  • Exercise in short, easy-to-follow sessions you can fit into your busy schedule...

How To Repair A Broken Metabolism

    Fact - Eating too little can damage your metabolism. The Mommylicious Challenge Program allows you to eat and be satisfied, all while re-booting your metabolism.
    Fact -Too much cardio will actually cause your body to hold onto fat. Instead, do SHORT metabolic style workouts that leave your body in an energy deficient state, waking up your metabolism and sending your body into OVERDRIVE trying to get the energy back by breaking down fat cells. Bye-Bye rolls!
    Fact - Fat will not make you fat. Avoiding certain fats will make your fat by making your metabolism STOP working.

Skeptical? You Should Be...

There’s no shortage of crash diet solutions, bogus fat-burner pills, exercise gizmos, acai berry scams and empty promises to tempt and distract you.

In fact the weight loss industry is a $40 Billion Dollar Business built around YOUR pain and failure to lose weight

Think about this...

If the weight loss programs and advice pushed your way actually worked - they would have nothing else to sell you!

And Did You Know That Many Of The Most Well-Known Diet Programs (Including Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig) Were Actually Owned By Big Food Companies Until Very Recently?

When I discovered this, I was shocked.

  • Weight Watchers was owned by Heinz until 1999 (and Heinz still manufactures their “diet foods”)...
  • Slim-fast was owned by Unilever until 2014 (Unilever also owns the Hellman’s brand - think mayonnaise - and Lipton iced tea).
  • And Jenny Craig was owned by Nestle until 2013 (the same company that makes Butterfinger and Oh Henry chocolate bars)

Yes...The Same Companies Who Make Chocolate Bars Turn Around And Sell You The Diet Plans To Lose The Weight You Gained From Eating Their Food.

And Who Pays The Price?

YOU do. And that sucks

You deserve better…

If You Want To:

  • Rejuvenate and rebalance your hormones...
  • Reboot your fat-burning metabolism...
  • Feel SEXY in a swimsuit or your favorite jeans!
  • And wake up feeling more energized, refreshed and healthier than you have in years…

You NEED TO STOP Starving Yourself, Wasting Time On A Treadmill, Or Depriving Yourself of The Food You Love...

There Is A MUCH Easier Way...

But first, Who Am I And Why Would You Listen To me?

My name is Flavia Del Monte. 

I’m a mom of 2 beautiful, sweet children and wife to an amazing man.

 I have my degree in pediatric nursing and  run my own online fitness business where I've helped more than 20,000 women around the world change their bodies.

Now although I might look like I’m in good shape now, I was not born this way.

After months of depression and struggle...I finally figured out that my willpower and food choices were NOT the problem.

Turns out stress and a damaged metabolism were the real reason I wasn't able to lose my baby fat.

After that realization, it was almost magical what happened.

Instead of trying to restrict my calories or push through the same hardcore weight workouts I used to do (which were both making the problem worse!)...

I Began Eating MORE And Working Out LESS And The Fat Started To Disappear!

I was able to lose all the “baby weight” and love my body again.

And that’s what I want for you. 

You deserve to love your body. 

You already take care of - and love - your family. 

Now it’s your turn to love yourself again - to do something for YOU.

Join me for 30 Days - 

and I’ll Give You an Easy-ToFolow and realistic way to:

  • Eat that will leave you feeling satisfied, not deprived - and still lose weight
  • Repair your broken metabolism through short but effective exercises that fire up your metabolism so you continue to burn fat for hours after your workout.
  • STOP the endless pursuit of perfection and be HAPPY with who you are. 

As women we're pressured into being FAKE using implants, injections, extensions, makeup and all the other “look natural” scams that leave you anything but natural and anything but happy.

It’s time to love your body and yourself again…or maybe this will be the first time you love yourself.

Introducing The Mommylicious 30 Day Challenge...

An Easy-To-Follow 30 Day Program Designed By A Mom FOR Moms...

Guaranteed To HaveYou Waking Up Energized, And LOVING Your Body...

Watch the video for a "sneak peek" of the 30 Day Challenge Workouts

The 30 Day Mommylicious
Challenge Is Designed for YOU…

Together We’ll Reboot Your “Mommy
Metabolism” and Turn On Your Fat-Burning
Furnace To Melt Away Stubborn Body Fat

And The Best Part... I’ll Be With You As Your Personal Coach Every Step Of The Way...

7 Day Juicing KickStart Guide

Juicing is an amazing way to kick-start fat loss, balance hormones, and get fresh, cleansing nutrients into your cells.

This 7 Day Guide Includes 7 Most Popular Juicing Recipes:

  • The Bone Builder
  • The Lean, Green Fat-Burning Machine
  • The Muscle Cramp Stopper
  • The Liver Cleanser Detox
  • The Blood Flow Booster
  • The Muscle Soreness Reliever
  • The Alkaline Enhancer

4 Weeks of Delicious, Fat-Burning Meal Plans

  • No more confusion about what to eat - You get meals, ingredients and recipes for each day of the challenge. Optimal nutrition designed to repair your metabolism and maximize weight loss
  • ‍Delicious recipes designed to maximize fat-loss yet taste delicious and leave you satisfied
  • Easy to prepare with natural ingredients you can find at any grocery store

Weekly Printable Shopping Lists

  • Get in and out of the grocery store quickly with pre-organized shopping lists
  • Also includes cooking and preparation tips so you’ll spend less in the kitchen and your meals will taste great!
  • Perfect for busy moms to make shopping easy - even after the challenge is over!

30 Day Success Calendar

  • Day-By-Day guide to completing the challenge.
  • Know exactly what to do each day so you can plan and fit everything into your busy schedule.
  • Synchronize with your phone so everything is at your fingertips

“Sunday Rituals” And Guided meditations

  • Losing weight involves exercise, nutrition, and MINDSET.
  • This short, guided relaxation audio gives your mind the “mental nutrition” it needs to relax, de-stress and rejuvinate 
  • A new Sunday Ritual PDF will be released each Sunday during the challenge.

Success Tracker

  • Stay motivated by recording your progress as we work together over the 30 days...
  • Instructions on how to take the right measurements...
  • Includes a body composition chart for reference...

Food Exchange List

A list of food substitutions so you always have foods you enjoy in the recipes.

Also includes conversion calculator for figuring out “how much” of each food to eat in ounces, grams, etc.

Short, Simple Workouts Designed To Help You Burn Fat - Without “Burning Out”

Every week you get 3 different short, easy to follow workouts designed to activate the fat-burning power of your metabolism.

They are simple, FUN, full body workouts that don't require ANY equipment and are suitable for anyone, even if you've never worked out in your life.

In addition to triggering a healthy metabolism, we'll be targeting problem areas like our butt, thighs and arms.

These workouts get progressively more challenging each week, but always at a level you can handle.

All the workout videos are easy to watch on your phone, tablet or computer.

Yoga/Stretch Videos

Twice a week we’ll do a simple, guided yoga flow.

It's a perfect way to de-stress your mind, stretch out your muscles and leave you feeling energized.

These may become your favorite part of the challenge!

Printable Workout Sheets

  • Each exercise is broken down with color pictures
  • Print this out to make it easy to follow along to the videos
  • Help you "visualize" your workouts and get the most out of the time you spend during the challenge

PLUS - To Make Sure you Stay Motivated and Engaged, you Get...

You Get Daily Coaching and Support In Our
Private facebook Group

Introduce yourself and find the support, inspiration and motivation you need in my private Facebook community As We Go through The 30 Day Challenge TOGETHER...

I’ll be in here daily throughout the challenge to answer your questions and guide you every step of the way.

If you get stuck (and we ALL do) you will be lifted up by the community to keep going.

I spent months creating this program to make sure you get get the support, nutrition, exercise, motivation, coaching And a PLAN designed specifically for moms that you can do in just minutes a day...

join the 30-Day Mommylicious Challenge for only $47

Yes! I'm Ready To Change My Body...Sign Me Up!

Will The 30 Day Challenge Work For You?

Play The Video To Hear What Happened for These Moms...

Here are just a few of the results ladies have gotten following my programs...

Change Your Body Risk-Free...

  • Join me for this 30 day challenge...
  • Follow along with the low-impact, simple workouts...
  • Eat the delicious, easy to prepare meals...
  • Stretch, breathe and relax as we do Yoga together...
  • Stay motivated with weekly challenges and daily coaching from me on Facebook...
  • Share your story with us in the private Facebook community...
  • Watch your body change before your eyes...
  • Squeeze everything you can out of this opportunity to put months or years of being overweight behind you...


  • Lose inches...
  • Feel better in your clothes...
  • Wake up with more energy...
  • And love the body you see in the mirror...

...Or the Mommylicious Challenge is FREE!

That’s right, if at ANY time during the challenge - for ANY reason - you don’t feel this is right for you, send an email to my team at and we’ll refund every penny.

Which means you can do the entire challenge for FREE if you choose.

Your decision to join me today shouldn't be about “taking risks” 

You’ve done that already by trusting other weight loss programs that haven’t worked.

This is about making a commitment to yourself and seeing results.

So let ME  take the risk - You just show up and let me guide you to the body you want.

Get YOUR Mommylicious
Body Back...

Join Now for just $47

Yes! I'm Ready To Change My Body...Sign Me Up!

Remember - You Get Lifetime Access to All This for Only $47...

  • 7 Day “Juicing KickStart” Guide
  • 30 Day “Metabolic Reboot” Meal Plans and Recipes
  • Printable Shopping Lists
  • Short, Easy-to-Follow Workout Videos
  • Yoga/Stretch Videos
  • 30 Day Success Calendar
  • Guided meditations
  • Daily Coaching and Support In Our Private Facebook Group
  • Success Tracker
  • Food Exchange List
  • Weekly Challenges To Keep You Motivated

Get YOUR Mommylicious
Body Back

Join Now for just $47

Yes! I'm Ready To Change My Body...Sign Me Up!

OK - It's Decision Time…

As I see It You have 3 Choices:

  • You can do nothing - and continue to live with your current body (Except as we know, things don't usually "stay the same". If we don't put in the effort, we risk gaining more weight over time)
  • You can try to lose the weight by yourself (How is that working for you? I certainly couldn’t do it!)
  • Or join me in a simple, proven program for the next 30 days and we can make it happen together.

It takes just minutes a day.

You'll eat amazing food, join your sisters as we all go through the program together...

And you'll see RESULTS - or the program is free

In fact you'll probably feel better the moment you join because you know this time it's going to happen!

Not only will you lose weight and feel better in the next 30 days - this is a program you can do for LIFE!

Join Now for just $47

Yes! I'm Ready To Change My Body...Sign Me Up!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • I’m really out of shape - Will the workouts be too hard?

    These workouts are structured for beginners - and they advance as the weeks go on.

    Each time you do the workout, even if it's for 5 minutes - you get stronger.

    Every good trainer starts you off EASY.

    It's irresponsible to throw some kind of extreme workout your way because if it’s too hard you won’t want to workout tomorrow!

    Personally I spent years as a gym-goer and was pretty hardcore. Used to laugh at home workouts.

    When I had my kids by c-section - the joke was on me.

    I had to start from zero. I couldn't do a situp or handle any weights.

    That's why I spent a long time designing these workouts so they are perfect balance between being easy enough for beginners - and challenging enough to get results.

    All the workouts are between 10 and 15 minutes long and you can stop after 5 minutes if you need to! 

    "Finishing" isn't nearly as important as STARTING.

    There's no equipment required, you can go at your own pace.

    These are workouts you can fit into any schedule that will keep you fit and healthy for life.

  • Can I really lose fat working out only a few minutes a day?


    When you understand that what burns away fat is your metabolism, you stop thinking about "long workouts" or "cardio".

    Most of us have damaged our metabolisms with starvation diets, over eating, lack of exercise, and even too much exercise!

    Good news is your metabolism naturally WANTS to be repaired and balanced.

    We’re going to repair the damage by feeding your body the nutrition it needs, avoiding metabolic stress and doing short but effective full body workouts 3 times a week.

    We'll also do a gentle stretch/yoga session twice a week.

    You can fit these workouts in to any schedule. 

    You'll see! 

    Dropping pounds doesn't take a lot of time or require starving yourself of foods you love

    10-15 minutes of the RIGHT kind of exercise is all you need to activate your metabolism, feel amazing and see results.

  • Do I have to buy supplements?

    No. this is not a sales pitch for supplements disguised as a 30 day challenge.

    While some supplements can be helpful, you don’t need supplements to reach your goals. 

    Together we're going to eat clean, whole foods, move your body every day, and nurture a healthy mindset.

    You'll start feeling so good - you'll want to do this for the rest of your life!

  • What if I want to repeat the challenge?

    I hope you do!

    For $47 you get lifetime access to all the workout videos, meal plans, checklists and other goodies.

    Unlike some challenges that have you doing hundreds of situps, kettlebell swings or squats (all of which are unsustainable over time) The Mommylicious Challenge is designed to help you stay fit and healthy for life.

    You get a balance of nutrition, full body exercise and mindset coaching that you can "rinse and repeat" as many times as you want - with great results.

  • Can I get my money back if it doesn’t work?

    Of course!

    This is not about you "taking risks".

    I've provided everything I can to support you making this change.

    All you have to do is show up, try the workouts, join the community and give it an honest try.

    If you have ANY doubts if this is right for you - we'll refund every penny.

    Let ME take the risk. I've spent months and thousands of dollars building this program.

I'm begging you - Stop Trying To Lose Weight On Your Own.

Maybe one in a hundred women has the willpower, knowledge and experience to transform their body without help.

And our self-esteem doesn’t need another “failure” when it comes to losing weight.

Most of us need deadlines, clear goals, easy to follow steps, and motivation and support when things get hard.

Motivation Is Unreliable And Making
Decisions drains your Willpower.

You’re already thinking about your kids, taking care of a family, maybe you’re making meals for other people.

Trying to figure out what you’re going to eat, what the right diet to follow, which workouts are going to help you lose fat is almost impossible by yourself.

Do you do a million crunches, squats, go go the gym?

Instead of struggline on your own... Why not follow a proven system that gets you motivated, takes away all the confusion and overwhelm, and walks you step by step through everything you need to finally see those pounds fall away.

Which is why I’m inviting you reboot your “mommy metabolism”  with me as your coach during the Mommylicious 30 Day Challenge….

Get YOUR Mommylicious
Body Back...

Join Now for just $47

Yes! I'm Ready To Change My Body...Sign Me Up!